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Bachelor of Hotel Management | TU

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) is a 4-year course spreading over 8 semesters under Tribhuvan University(TU). This program covers the fundamentals of Hotel, Food and Beverage production, Hospitality, Office, and Housekeeping along with familiarizing the pupils with the multi-dimension of the hospitality industry. The BHM course is both theoretical and practical in nature. It is a program of 120 credit hours consisting of 2000 marks.

BHM course includes regular internship opportunities and job placement during the study period. From this, we can assume how big the prospect of BHM is in the job market. This is one of the fields whose scope is growing extensively day by day. BHM program is a very dazzling, colorful, and challenging career. 

Fee structure:

The average fee structure of TU BHM course lies in between NRs. 3,50,000 – Rs.4,80,000. The fee structure of campuses varies from one another. For authentic confirmation of the fee structure, one can visit the official website of the concerned campus or contact campus administration. 

Objectives of Bachelor of Hotel Management

The objectives of studying BHM course affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU) are as follows:

  • BHM helps scholars occupy the position of supervisor in the hotels and catering industry with sufficient knowledge.
  • Acquire the basic technical and social knowledge of handling hotels and catering services professionally.
  • Applying basic cost reduction measures to make the business operation economically and financially successful.
  • Set standards of providing 100 percent quality service to the customers.
  • BHM graduates become successful entrepreneurs in small and large firms.
  • Help them develop a positive attitude towards trade with greater initiative and operations.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Hotel Management

The admission requirements for the TU BHM course are as follows:

  • Entrance Exam:

In order to get admitted to the BHM program, 55 the students should follow the given criteria:

  • Written Exam:

The aspirants should appear in the CMAT entrance test (Central Management Aptitude Test) administered by the Faculty of Management. The exam pattern is the same as that of BBA/BIM, etc. Scholars 's ability to answer the questions is judged by categorizing them into four sections. Those sections are Verbal Analysis, Knowledge of Quantitative Techniques, Reasoning with Logic, and GK. 25 questions from each section are asked of the students.

  • Interview:

Those scholars whose marks are above the cut-off point of 40% are called for an interview. After that, those students who have passed both exams get admitted to different colleges based on merit.

  • Entrance preparation:

Taking preparation classes is a good idea if you want to secure good marks on the CMAT test. When you come across trained professionals delivering shortcut ideas, techniques, and formulas to handle different questions differently, your perception changes and it becomes easier for you to do well in the exam.

If you are quite confident about yourself, then you can buy books from the stationery and start preparing. But it is recommended to take preparation classes as they not only help in CMAT but also for the interview. Bridge course institutes like Universal Teach, Motif Institute, etc., are helping candidates prepare for CMAT.

Career and Scope

Going to one of the fine restaurants, enjoying delicious food, and watching the beautiful scenes are the desires of every person. The first sentence itself signifies the importance of BHM and also gives a glimpse of how important it is in today's world. Individuals can pursue an international career through BHM, and it holds colorful prospects in the days to come. BHM course graduates can find careers in various fields like:

  • Airline Industry
  • Teaching
  • Hotels/ Resorts/ Service Apartments
  • Recreational Services
  • Casinos
  • Cruise Ships
  • Parks
  • Event Management

Bachelor of Hotel Management is also a good field for those who want to study abroad.