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A Master in Nursing or MN is a graduate-level program affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU) under the faculty of Pharmacy & Nursing in Nepal. It is a highly valued and prestigious degree with great global prospects. This two-year TU Master in Nursing program is exclusively available to registered nurses, providing them with enhanced career opportunities in the health and medical sector. The program encompasses both theoretical and practical classes, allowing students to specialize in Women's Health & Development, Adult Health Nursing, or Pediatric Nursing.

The Master in Nursing program offers three specialty areas:

  1. Master in Nursing (Women's Health Development)
  2. Master in Nursing (Pediatric Nursing)
  3. Master in Nursing (Adult Nursing)

Objectives of Master of Nursing

The objective for the Master of nursing offered by Tribhuvan University(TU) for students are as follows:
  • To produce highly professional, educated, and capable nurses to work in higher managerial-level positions.
  • To produce nurses who are willing to work in women's, adult, and child healthcare.
  • To produce nurses for the promotion of health and medical necessities, conducting research programs in different areas of nursing, as well as in the areas of medicine.
  • To help in the career development of nurses by providing them with the theoretical and practical knowledge required for their education.
  • To generate proficient, enthusiastic, task-oriented nurses for the management of health services in the nation.
  • To produce skilled nurses capable of providing advanced-level services to the general public based on knowledge and practice.
  • To provide students with all the essential knowledge of educational science and prepare qualified educators in the field of nursing.

Admission Requirements in Master of Nursing


  • Candidates should have a Post-basic BN or Generic BSc in Nursing from Tribhuvan University or a university recognized by TU.
  • Candidates should have at least 2 years of experience after the completion of BN/BSc in Nursing (Experience is valid only after registration with the Nepal Nursing Council).
  • Candidates must qualify in the entrance examination conducted by IOM.

Admission requirements :

  • For all Nepalese or foreign students, applicants must appear in the common entrance examination conducted by the Institute of Medicine.
  • After the entrance exam, the board will publish the merit list on authorized websites and in papers. However, the board will publish the merit list separately for Nepalese and foreign students.
  • To pass the entrance exam, candidates must secure at least 50% marks.
  • Admission will be based on merit in spot counseling (open house counseling) as required.

Career and Scope

Nursing is an honorable profession that involves taking care of the sick and wounded people. Master in Nursing degree offered by Tribhuvan University(TU) has tremendous opportunities both within our own country and abroad. Upon completing the graduation in this field, graduates can work as teachers and lecturers in different medical colleges. They can also engage in field research as healthcare sector researchers. Various organizations and institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, children's homes, orphanages, old age homes, and NGOs/INGOs working in the healthcare field provide suitable opportunities for graduates. Moreover, nurses can work as bedside assistants, health assistants, and project managers. Graduates of Master in Nursing can also find job opportunities in the military, pharmaceutical companies involved in treatment and care, transportation departments, schools, and large corporations. MN degree are in high demand in foreign countries compared to our own home country. Engaging in the care giving profession can lead to an impressive salary and a superior quality of life abroad.

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