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Master of Social Work | TU

Tribhuvan University(TU), under the faculty of Humanity and Social Science offers the Master of Social Work  program or MSW program to the aspirants wishing to achieve their Masters. This TU program will be of 2 years conducted in semester system. This program provides both theoretical and practical knowledge; and has a lot of values which can be beneficial to the students who are interested in social work. The interested candidates can contact or visit the university, Center for Nepal and Asian studies building, central campus, Kirtipur, 1st floor.

What is Social Work?

It is the activity that is done by the professionals in a community in a disciplined way to bring changes in society. It is also a field where different research programs are done to improve the life and the development of the society. It is not necessary to be a professional in order to participate in social work activities, rather non-professionals can also help the social workers for the betterment of the society. Social workers perform different activities like research, policy making, community organizing, teaching, etc. Through these activities, problems within the society and individuals will come to light after which, necessary actions can be taken to minimize those problems.

In order to be a proper social worker by earning Master of Social Work degree from Tribhuvan University(TU), different theories of economics, education, medicine, politics, psychology and sociology are needed. Today social workers are the backbone of society and it has flourished as a profession.

Fee Structure of MSW in Tribhuvan University(TU):

The fee structure of Master of Social Work program is quite high in TU as compared to other Universities in Nepal. It requires around 5-10 lakhs NRS. The students have to pay the fee at the beginning of the semester. At the time of admission, the students must pay the fee of first semester. For more information one can visit the website of the Tribhuvan University.

Objectives of Master of Social Work

  • To solve problems of society
  • To fulfill the needs of people
  • To maintain social harmony in society
  • To be self-sufficient
  • To change the society in favor of individual’s growth and development
  • To bring change in social system for its development

Admission Requirements in Master of Social Work

In order to join Master of Social Work program in TU, the applicants must have a baccalaureate of a minimum of 3 years from a recognized university in the same faculty, with minimum of second division. The applicant's list will be finalized on the basis of their performance in Bachelor's degree, entrance test, and Interview. The applicant must submit the application along with their transcripts within the given time. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. The applicants can download the application form from the university's website.

Career and Scope

Master of Social Work program is a great field where one can easily adjust and can do their work efficiently. One can be involved in it from any part of country, no matter where they are. The MSW program can open many doors with knowledge and skills to work in the field. After completing this master degree from Tribhuvan University, the graduates can work in the following field: 

  • The professionals can work in the field of medical or public health which has got a very high demand. They can simply go to the hospitals and help the doctors and nurses.
  • Social workers can offer their services in rehabilitation centers, schools, home stays, etc.
  • They can organize various camping activities in the villages for improvement of society and the life of individuals.
  • They can also get job opportunities in NGO's and INGO's.
  • Teaching is also a kind of the social work. There are organizations like Teach for Nepal from where you can offer your service in government schools.
  • The MSW course especially has a greater value in foreign countries. Volunteering works are highly appreciated.