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MBA which stands for Masters in Business Administration is a very globally renowned and prestigious degree. It comes under management field and can be called as Science of Management. In Nepal, MBA degree has great value both academically and professionally. It is one of the most preferred fields in Nepal. The first choice of every management graduates is to pursue their career in MBA. The School of Management at Tribhuvan University (SOMTU) is responsible for operating full-time professional MBA program in Nepal. The Masters in Business Administration program conducted by SOMTU is of 2 years consisting of 60 credit hours which has been divided in four semesters. MBA degree gives student opportunities to explore various requirements needed to handle, manage and improve their knowledge in business and other decision making process. 

Fee structure of MBA in Nepal:

The cost of MBA in Nepal is quite high compared to other fields of management. It requires generally 4- 10 lakhs for the MBA study. In comparison to courses of other universities in Nepal, the fee structure of TU is less. For full information of fee structure, one can visit the official site of SOMTU.

List of MBA - Master of Business Administration Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for MBA - Master of Business Administration program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Objectives of MBA - Master of Business Administration

  • MBA produces management professional, business expert and dynamic entrepreneur who can lead present organizations and have vision to establish and run their own ventures in long run.
  • Master in Business Administration help in career advancement of students willing to create and manage their own business enterprises by gaining technical and practical knowledge of business.
  • MBA produces efficient managers who have required skills and knowledge to drive the public and private sector.
  • Master in Business Administration yields highly professional and educated managers who have the ability to run small and large corporate nationally and globally.

Admission Requirements in MBA - Master of Business Administration

In order to join MBA program in TU, the applicants must have completed 15 years of formal education (12 years of higher secondary education and minimum 3 years Bachelors level program. Student should have scored at least CGPA of 2 or minimum 45 percent in order to be eligible for MBA program. The last and final decision is taken by considering the performance of applicant in the admission test. Students are required to fill all the necessary information regarding their personal and academic qualification. The application can be downloaded from, which is the official website of SOMTU. The full application along with the transcripts should be submitted to office in the given time. While submitting the application, the applicants need to pay NRs. 1000. The paid fee must be deposited in the Global Bank and the deposited voucher should be submitted along with application.

Entrance Examination schedule

  • Applications form distribution
  • SOMAT test (Written Entrance Test examination): Here the candidate’s verbal ability and quantitative ability is judged. Issue based essay writing and case analysis is also given to analyze the student’s creative ability.
  • Personal Interview
  • Admission

Entrance Preparation for MBA:

In order to pass the SOMAT test which is like GMAT test, students need to prepare very hard. They can either join any preparation classes by getting admitted in different education center or prepare themselves at home. These centers are available in different parts of the Kathmandu valley and outside it. If students choose to prepare by sitting at home then there are different SOMAT entrance books available in the market. Not only this, in order to boost the morale of students, the senior students of SOMTU conducted mock entrance test. Moreover, students can get different model entrance question in the internet. The website like provides bundle of model questions and SOMAT entrance tricks and techniques which can be very beneficial for students.   

First Semester

  • : Managerial communication
  • : Economics for Firm
  • : Organizational Behavior
  • : Financial Reporting and Control
  • : Marketing Analysis and Strategy
  • : Emerging Concept and issued in Management (seminar)
  • : Statistics for Managers
  • : Managerial Communication (Practicum)

Second Semester

  • : Data Management
  • : Management Accountancy
  • : Business and the National Economy
  • : Information System in Organization
  • : Human Resource Management
  • : Corporate Financial Analysis
  • : E-marking (practicum)

Third Semester

  • : Business Research Methodology
  • : Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • : Business Environment Analysis
  • : Operations and Process Management
  • : Concentration Area Course I
  • : New Venture and Market creation (Seminar)
  • : Elective Course- 1
  • : Experiential Learning (internship)

Fourth Semester

  • : Graduate Research Project
  • : Strategic Management
  • : International Business
  • : Concentration Course II
  • : Concentration Course-3(practicum)
  • : Elective Course- 2
  • : Career Development and Self Marketing(practicum)
  • : Graduate Research Project

Scope and Career Prospects

MBA has become one of the most flamboyant courses in the world. It is one of those courses whose product is required in almost every field. It has tremendous scope nationally and internationally. Day by day, its scope is flourishing in Nepal as well. It has become the hot cake of management. Some of the categorical scopes of MBA are:

  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Banking
  • Strategic Planner
  • Market Researcher
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Credit Risk Manager
  • Derivatives Structuring
  • Fund Manager
  • Private Equity
  • Treasury
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Demand Analyst, etc.

Not only these, there are other fields where MBA graduates can choose to work and earn hefty sum of money. The scope of MBA in Nepal is also increasing and expanding rapidly.

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