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Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws or BALLB is a joint degree that qualifies scholars to acquire knowledge about acts and aids, equipping them with analytical as well as communication skills. The stream "Bachelor of Law" provides a legal education that is not only demanding but also rewarding. This degree allows scholars to find practical and ethical solutions to modern allowable issues. On the other hand, the stream "Bachelor of Arts" provides an exceptional liberal education, preparing them to meet the demands of the modern workforce. This degree helps to improve analytical thinking, logic, and creativity.

The Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws program offered by Tribhuvan University (TU) extends over a duration of five academic years. TU has been offering the BALLB program since 2010 AD. In fact, the BALLB program covers sixty-two subjects, with sixty-one subjects being credit-based and the remaining one non-credit for international students. The teaching strategies comprise lectures, discussions, seminars, tutorials, case studies, workshops, etc. Under this program, students need to study subjects such as Political Science, Comparative and Nepalese Legal System, Legal Method, Legal Nepali, History, Procedural, Constitutional, and Media Law, among others. To be eligible to attend the final examinations, they must have a minimum of 80% attendance.

Objectives of Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws

The major objectives of the Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws program for the BALLB students are:

  • To exhibit effective communication skills and abilities.
  • To think logically and critically.
  • To use contemporary technologies effectively and creatively.
  • To act ethically and morally.
  • To conduct research related to legitimate matters and issues.
  • To demonstrate an in-depth understanding of business, accounting, finance, and economics.
  • To apply classroom learning to solve real-world issues and problems practically.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be eligible for admission to Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws (BALLB) at Tribhuvan University (TU), there are certain criteria that candidates must meet. For instance, students must have passed the +2 level or any equivalent level with a minimum C Grade or mimimum 2.0 GPA in all subjects. Applicants also need to take an entrance exam conducted by TU. However, this requirement does not apply to foreign applicants.

Career and Scope

The Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws degree provides a platform to the graduates so that they can practice the legalized profession. They can find employment opportunity in all areas such as private sectors, government organizations, corporations, non-government agencies in an array of fields including taxation, industrial, criminal law, conveyance and property, environmental, business and commercial law, solicitor or barrister, general lawful practice and government agencies in a wide variety of areas.

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