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BE in Mechanical Engineering : Tribhuvan University

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering which we prefer to call BE mechanical in short is a four year, 8 semester program. The course duration is about 48 months where more than 50 core and elective subjects are taught to the students. The department of Mechanical engineering has been running this program at Pulchowk Campus, lalitpur since 1995. The Mechanical Engineering, one of the most comprehensive engineering programs is associated with design and productions of machineries, equipments and mechanical tools needed for industrial or business purpose.  This engineering has multi dimensional function ranging from design, development, construction and productions of machinery items to installation, maintenance and operation of those heavy and complicated machines. The mechanical engineers work in the mechanism and function of different equipments such as components of thermal power stations, internal combustion, automobiles, refrigerator, jet engines, etc.

List of Colleges that provide BE Mechanical Engineering of TU

  • Pulchowk Campus
  • Thapathali Campus

Fee Structure:

Mechanical Engineering Degree is conducted by Pulchowk campus and Thapathali Campus.  According to the booklet of Pulchowk Engineering campus, per semester fee of a student studying in scholarship (Regular) as of 2072 BS is Rs. 8,283.50 where as students studying under full paid system has to pay Rs. 75,657.50. 

List of BE in Mechanical Engineering Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for BE in Mechanical Engineering programs:


The program objectives of Mechanical engineering are as follows:

  • The graduates will enter and get involved in careers associated with Mechanical Engineering and may pursue other profession which suits their background, interest, and skills.
  • The graduates will continue engaging themselves in different learning activities through post graduates education and/or through other professional work in mechanical engineering.
  • The graduates will explore and emerge as leaders in their profession by keeping in mind their moral ethics and responsibility towards society.
  • The graduates will engage in professional service by utilizing their engineering background to help solve the technical and societal problem by realizing the importance of sustainable economic development and environmental safety. 

Admission Requirements

Students who want to study Mechanical Engineering in Bachelor degree needs to fulfill minimum criteria listed below:

  • Successful students securing minimum 45% marks in I. Sc or 10 plus two in Science stream or A-Level with full paper of two hundred marks mathematics or diploma in engineering or equivalent courses from any board or university recognized by TU are fit for entrance exam.
  • When the entrance result is published students who have secured good ranking in merit list choose the subjects they want to study and rest of the students who have lower ranking in the merit list need to choose the remaining subjects.
  • The seats for mechanical engineering are very less compared to other fields of engineering because this course is only available in Pulchowk campus in TU. So, students who have got good ranking prefer to read mechanical engineering. In order to choose this engineering, students must labor hard and try to bring their ranking within top 400. Otherwise the chances are very slim.

Entrance exam:

Institute of Engineering (IOE) also known as Pulchowk Campus is the authorized institution of TU which is responsible for taking engineering entrance examination. In this entrance exam questions are asked in five different fields: English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering Aptitude. Total marks for this entrance exam is 140 consisting of 100 questions. The time division is of 2 hours where all the objective questions are taken in computerized basis. 10% marks of the given question will be deducted for incorrect answer.  Physics: 40 marks, Mathematics: 40 marks, Chemistry: 20 marks, Engineering Aptitude: 18 marks and English: 22 marks. 

Entrance preparation:

There are various institutions within and outside Kathmandu valley that runs classes from morning to evening for entrance preparation of engineering. This institutions charges fee amounting to Rs. 15,000 - Rs. 18,000. Some of the institutes offering BE entrance preparation classes are:

  • PEA Association Pvt. Ltd., Thapathali, Kathmandu
  • Training Nepal, Putalisadak, Kathmandu
  • NAEE Education Centre, Patan Dhoka, lalitpur
  • KEI Foundation, Kupondole, lalitpur
  • Kanchanjanga Education Institute (KEI), Kupondole, lalitpur


Course of Study

1st Semester

  • Mathematice I
  • Computer Programming
  • Engineering Drawing I
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Fundamental of Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
  • Workshop Technology

2nd Semester

  • Mathematics II
  • Engineering Drawing II
  • Basic Electronics Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Applied Mechanics

3rd Semester

  • Mathematics III
  • Material Science
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Metrology
  • Applied Thermodynamics
  • Computer Aided Drawing
  • Electromagnetism

4th Semester

  • Probability And Statistics
  • Electrical Machine
  • Manufacturing And Production Processes
  • Strength of Materials
  • Instrumentation and Measurement
  • Fluid Mechanics

5th Semester

  • Numerical Methods
  • Control System
  • Organization and Management
  • Mechanics of Solids
  • Heat Transfer
  • Fluid Machines

6th Semester

  • Communication English
  • Machine Design I
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Theory of Mechanism and Machine I
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Energy Resources

7th Semester

  • Machine Design II
  • Theory of Mechanism and Machine II
  • Engineering Economics
  • Turbo Machines
  • Environment and Pollution Control
  • Industrial Attachment
  • Elective I- Automobile Technology
  • Elective !- Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
  • Elective I- Gaseous Bio-Fuel
  • Elective I- Operations Research / Management Science
  • Elective I- Basics of Micro Hydropower Plant
  • Electie I- Basic Aircraft and Air Frame
  • Elective I- Tool Design for Economic Production

8th Semester

  • Project Engineering
  • Finite Element Method
  • Engineering Professional Practice
  • Project I & II

Scope and Career Prospects

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest fields among different engineering. It is one of the most advance engineering. The students studying Mechanical engineering are sure to have a good job and decent salary. This is a very demanding engineering in the job market. The expertise of mechanical engineers is valued in the fields of automobiles, aerospace, aviation, power plants etc.  Mechanical Engineers are required in the design, manufacture, and construct of those utilities which are in motion.  Thermodynamics, mechanics, robotics, kinematics etc are the field where mechanical engineers can get good job. Not only this, graduates who are willing to pursue higher studies in advance countries have greater chance of getting visas. Moreover, the mechanical engineers can also get jobs in various consultancies and research firm. However, in context of Nepal the job prospects for Mechanical Engineers are very low. To get job as per their qualification is very difficult. There are only few industries that can give jobs. But it has tremendous scope in foreign countries. 

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