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Nurse is very noble and holistic profession because it deals with caring those who are wounded mentally, physically or emotionally. When it comes about nurses, every one of us is familiar with the story of Florence Nightingale and her great humanitarian work. Nurses are very integral part of health care system. From general ward to the operation theater, everywhere there is a need of an efficient nurse. This is a field where women are more dominant than men.

Bachelor of Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing) is a four year program of Tribhuvan University conducted by IOM. This bachelor level program was initiated in 2005 AD with the aim of preparing academically sound graduate nurses having ability to function as a care provider, manager, teacher and researcher in this areas. This program is based on annual system and the course duration is of 48 months.

List of B.Sc. Nursing Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for B.Sc. Nursing program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Objectives of B.Sc. Nursing

The main objectives of B.Sc. Nursing in Tribhuvan University are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Nursing develops graduates into competent, skillful and professional nurses capable of working in the diverse health care situation.
  • To develop students’ capacity to lead as well as work as a member of interdisciplinary team by keeping in mind the moral and ethical constraint.
  • To develop graduates such that they can exhibit scientific attitude of enquiring into different related problems and continue lifetime learning and professional development in the field.
  • Bachelor of Nursing make graduates capable of successfully passing license exam practice and help learners make their way through the post graduate entrance exam.

Admission Requirements in B.Sc. Nursing


  • The candidates should have passed I. Sc. or +2 sciences or equivalent program from Tribhuvan University TU or University/ Board known by TU.  
  • The candidates should have at least 50% marks in aggregate as well as 50% marks in physics, chemistry and biology in the intermediate level.
  • The candidates should fulfill the requirement as prescribed in the entrance exam notice of B.Sc. Nursing in TU.

Entrance exam:

  • The entrance exam will be of 100 marks.
  • Candidate should obtain minimum 50% marks to pass the entrance exam.
  • Merit list of those who have passed the exams will be published according to marks obtained in the entrance exam.

Below is the detailed TU B.Sc. Nursing Syllabus.

1st Year

  • BSN1: Integrated Health Sciences I Theory
  • BSN2: Integrated Health Sciences II Theory
  • BSN3: Integrated Health Sciences Practical
  • BSN4: Fundamentals of Nursing Theory
  • BSN5: Fundamentals of Nursing Practical
  • BSN6: Community Health Nursing Theory
  • BSN7: Community Health Nursing Practical
  • BSN8: Nutrition & Diet Therapy Theory

Below is the detailed TU B.Sc. Nursing Syllabus.

2nd Year

  • BSN9: Adult Nursing I Theory
  • BSN10: Adult Nursing II Theory
  • BSN11: Geriatric Nursing Theory
  • BSN12: Adult & Geriatric Nursing Practical
  • BSN13: Psychiatric Nursing Theory
  • BSN14: Psychiatric Nursing Practical
  • BSN15: Nursing Concepts Theory
  • BSN16: Social & Behavioural Science Theory

Below is the detailed TU B.Sc. Nursing Syllabus.

3rd Year

  • BSN17: Midwifery I Theory
  • BSN18: Midwifery I Practical
  • BSN19: Midwifery II Theory
  • BSN20: Midwifery II Practical
  • BSN21: Child Health Nursing Theory
  • BSN22: Child Health Nursing Practical
  • BSN23: Family and Reproductive Health Nursing Theory
  • BSN24: Family and Reproductive Health Nursing Practical

Below is the detailed TU B.Sc. Nursing Syllabus.

4th Year

  • BSN 25: Management and Health Economics
  • BSN 26: Management Practicum
  • BSN 27: Educational Science
  • BSN 28: Education Practicum
  • BSN 29: Research and Biostatistics
  • BSN 30: Research Practicum

Scope and Career Prospects

What can be any noble profession than where you earn good salary and feel satisfied by helping those who are sick and unhealthy? One of the most important professions in health care is nursing and nurses are the integral player who has very diverse role to play. Nurses can find employment in the areas like:

  • Hospitals and health centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Clinics and health departments
  • Orphanage, and children and old house care
  • Military and sports
  • Schools and colleges
  • Industry and corporate house
  • Medicinal centers
  • Teacher and educators

Not only this they can also pursue their further study in different reputed universities of foreign countries. B.Sc. Nursing has very high demand in the foreign countries where they are offered very lucrative salary.

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