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MEd Education Planning and Management | TU

MEd Education Planning and Management or Master of Education in Education Planning and Managementis a specialized degree that provides students with intensive knowledge and hands-on training on managing organizations and solving problems related to education. Although this program is relatively rare, Tribhuvan University recognized the need for this degree in Nepal and has started offering the MEd Education Planning and Management program. Admission to this program is open to students who hold a Bachelor's degree in Education (one-year, two-year, or three-year) from any stream, recognized by Tribhuvan University.

Here are some academic institutions affiliated with Tribhuvan University that offer the MEd Education Planning and Management program in Nepal:

  1. Tribhuvan Multiple Campus, located in Tansen, Campus Road, Palpa.
  2. Bhanubhakta Multiple Campus, located in Suklagandaki, Khaireni, Belchauara, Tanahu.
  3. Kailali Multiple Campus, located in Dhangadi, Kailali.
  4. Surya Narayan Satya Narayan Marwaita Multiple Campus, located in Siraha.
  5. Shrada Campus, located in Kamalbinayak, Bhaktapur.

Objectives of MEd Education Planning and Management

Some of the major objectives of the MEd Education Planning and Management program are listed below:

  • To provide students with rigorous knowledge and skills in the field of Education Planning and Management.
  • To produce graduates with sound knowledge and skills required to analyze contemporary and emerging education issues and develop practical solutions.
  • To enable students to function effectively in a team as well as lead independently.

Career and Scope

Graduates who hold a degree in MEd Education Planning and Management can easily find work in the education field. This degree qualifies individuals for leadership positions, allowing them to work as superintendents, educational specialists, and principals. These roles represent some of the highest positions within educational organizations, and individuals can expect to build a successful career with substantial financial rewards.