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Master of Public Health which is also known as MPH is 1 year program but it can also be extended up to 2 years. This program is of Institute of Medicine (IOM), Tribhuvan University (TU). Generally, this program begins from the second of Baisakh (mid of April) each year and the final examination takes place in the month of Chaitra (mid- of March). MPH of TU comprises of 10 papers and 100 marks are allocated for each paper. First semester which is of three months’ time period contains first four papers i.e. 1 to 4. Paper 5 to 7 is in the curriculum of second semester which is of 3 months’ time period as well. Paper 9 and 10 are Health Systems Management and Dissertation respectively. Third and fourth semesters will be dedicated for proposal development, data compilation, examination and report writing. Academic activities range from lectures of expert to dissertation and many more. The ten papers that should be studied are Epidemiology, Bio-statistic and Computer Application of health, Environmental, Disease Control, Medical Sociology, Anthropology and Population Studies, Family and Primary health Care, Research Methods in Sciences, Systems management and Dissertation, Health Promotion and education.

Objectives of Master in Public Health

The objectives of Master of Public Health program are as follows:

  • To develop students into specialists who have ability in resolving existing and rising disease problems of the country.
  • To train students with necessary skills and knowledge so that they can plan and manage the program to solve the fitness problem with best possible outcome.
  • To develop students into competent manpower necessary at district, zonal, regional and national levels who can successfully implement various health policy of a government.
  • To develop leadership skills in students to manage medical services, disease prevention and rehabilitation program.

Admission Requirements in Master in Public Health

Admission criteria by Tribhuvan University (TU):

  • The aspirants must have to pass MBBS or BPH or BN or BSc Nursing or BSc MIT or B Sc MLT/ BMLT or B. Pharmacy, BASLP or BAMS, B. Optometry (the student having MBBS and BAMS degree should have one year compulsory rotatory internship training), BV SC and AH degree from Tribhuvan University or equivalent degree from University recognized by Tribhuvan University or the candidates with bachelor degree in Health Sciences having two years of works experience.
  • Non-health sciences degree holders working as Gazette officer or equivalent post with 5 years’ work experiences having Bachelor degree is eligible but candidates with or without partial health related subjects in the curriculum will not be eligible for admission to the Master of Public Health program.

Master of Public Health program Entrance Examination :

  • The candidates must have to pass the entrance exam taken by Institute of Medicine (IOM).
  • Merit list is published after the entrance examination.
  • The merit list is made by adding 80% marks of Entrance exam and 20% marks of B.Sc. or marks will be taken form any degree equivalent to B.Sc.
  • 20% seat is considered for inclusive category and 80% seat is considered for open category.

Career and Scope

The experts are engaged in activities like public safety, protecting from illness, and promote wellness at the public level. Public health professionals can choose to work as epidemiologists, bio-statisticians, environmental specialists, program administrators, and much more. The Master of Public Health graduates can work in the sectors like nutrition and weight management, exercise and fitness center, public safety, maternal and child health care centers, chronic disease prevention centers, emergency preparedness ward, global care, infectious disease prevention center, mental care, etc. The scope and practice of this MPH program is increasing and it is certain to be one of the most fruitful fields in the days to come. The graduates of MPH are not only valued nationally but they are also given equal importance in the international market.

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