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The Master of Public Administration, or MPA, is a two-year program offered by the Faculty of Management at Tribhuvan University (TU). This program has been following the semester system since 2015 A.D., under the supervision of Tribhuvan University (TU). However, the full-fledged version of this master-level course was introduced in 1979 A.D. Initially, it was designed as a one-year course aimed at providing training to second-class gazette officers. However, in the modern era, this master degree program is open to almost anyone who is willing to pursue it.

Furthermore, a Master of Public Administration program is also available at Tribhuvan University (TU) for those who wish to gain an understanding of bureaucratic mechanisms, administration frameworks in the public sector, and more. The MPA program curriculum at TU is divided into core courses, such as analytical and professional development, and specialization courses to facilitate effective teaching and learning. Students have the option to choose from various specializations, including development management, human resource management, local governance and development, civil society governance, public policy, and more, enabling them to make informed decisions based on their interests and career goals.

Objectives of Master of Public Administration

The main objectives of the Master of Public Administration program (MPA) are as follows:

  1. To provide students with a genuine understanding of how administrative processes operate in various sectors of the economy.
  2. To enhance students' skills, transforming them into efficient administrators, managers, policymakers, etc., capable of excelling not only nationally but also internationally.
  3. To impart knowledge about research and its significance in policy formulation, enabling students to contribute to the country's progress and improvement.
  4. To cultivate a passion and interest among students to pursue further studies beyond this MPA program and support their professional development.

Admission Requirements in Master of Public Administration


Aspirants who wish to join the Master of Public Administration TU program must have completed a bachelor's degree in any discipline affiliated with either Tribhuvan University (TU) or any other universities recognized by TU. If students meet this criterion, they are eligible to apply for the MPA program.

Entrance exam:

  • Candidates must appear for the entrance test examination conducted by the Faculty of Management (FOM) of Tribhuvan University (TU) before getting admission.
  • Questions in the entrance exam are asked on verbal ability, quantitative ability, logical reasoning, administrative and general awareness, as well as short essays.
  • FOM issues a score sheet to each student appearing in the entrance test.
  • A merit list is published, and students are enrolled in the MPA program based on the merit list.

Career and Scope

Public administration is particularly important in a country like Nepal, where the performance of the bureaucracy is below average. Nepal lacks efficient and honest public administrators, resulting in the country consistently performing poorly in socio-economic indicators. It is crucial to have students with good knowledge and expertise in public administration demonstrate the general tendencies of the public sector to the people. As graduates with a Master degree in Public Administration (MPA), individuals have a higher chance of performing better in public service exams. Furthermore, these graduates can work as managers and administrators in various sectors. They can also take on roles such as analysts, advisors, policymakers, supervisors, and more in both governmental and non-governmental organizations. They can contribute as researchers, focusing on various issues related to the public and private sectors. Pursuing an MPA degree is also beneficial for students seeking opportunities to continue their studies abroad. Additionally, graduates can choose an academic career path after completing their studies at TU.

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