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MSc Microbiology | TU

Master of Science in Microbiology or MSc Microbiology is a 2 year program of Tribhuvan University (TU). This degree is based on the semester system and has altogether four semesters in total. TU started MSc Microbiology in Nepal from 1990. The syllabus of this program was revised several times and this program was redesigned as semester system in 2013.

In MSc Microbiology first semester, all the students have to study same subjects. However, from second semester onward, the subject is divided into Medical Microbiology, Public Health Microbiology, Food Microbiology and Agricultural Microbiology along with their practical courses. In the third semester, students are given comprehensive knowledge of their specialized subjects. In fourth semester, the program is tilted towards research. The ‘graduates in line’ will have an opportunity to gain knowledge of seminar or journal club, have to submit thesis dissertation, have to undertake internship based on specialization etc. All this practical approach will give students opportunity to correlate the theoretical course with real life experience.

Objectives of MSc Microbiology

The objectives of MSc Microbiology degree are as follows:

  • To produce highly qualified microbiologists, molecular biologists, researchers and scientists to meet the national and international demand.
  • To produce graduates who have ability in using skills of modern molecular biology techniques in basic or in applied research areas.
  • To produce highly qualified graduates having ability to work as a microbiologist and research scientist for investigating the potential uses of microorganisms to produce antibiotics and many other products of microbial origin.
  • To produce qualified graduates who can work as laboratory technician to monitor, identify and help in controlling infectious diseases and also produce qualified researchers and scientists who can work in sectors associated to food production, crop protection and soil fertility.

Admission Requirements in MSc Microbiology

The eligiblity requirements for the MSc Microbiologyv program at Tribhuvan University are as follows:
  • The candidates must have to pass Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Tribhuvan University or equivalent degree from college/ university recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  • The applicant must have to appear in the entrance examination conducted by the Central Department of Microbiology (CDM) and must have to pass the entrance exam successfully.
  • The admission is made on the basis of merit list which is made by adding 80% marks of entrance exam and 20% marks of Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.
  • Admission will be rejected, if the candidate fails to obtain the minimum qualifying pass marks set by CDM
  • 80% seat is for free competition and 20% is categorized for inclusive in Tribhuvan University and its constituent colleges.
  • Entrance exam lasts for 2 hours and for further detail about entrance one should visit CDM.

Career and Scope

Microbiology is one of the most demanding subjects in the science stream. People might be familiar with only some typical jobs but the horizon and prospects is very huge and is expanding day by day. Microbiology is not just a single subject, it is the union of multiple specializations and graduates can get wide range of jobs from Pharmaceuticals to cosmetics. Graduates can also make significant contribution in the field of biotechnology.

The MSc Microbiology degree holder can choose to teach and involve in research works in Medical, Dental, Veterinary school. Graduates can also work by conducting tests and experiments in the laboratory. They can also work as researcher researching in structure, function, ecology, biotechnology, and genetics of micro-organisms, human, animal, plant tissues, cells, etc. After the completion of Master of Science in Microbiology, students have high chances of going abroad because demand of microbiologists is very high in international market.