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Triton International College is changing the experience of students by making them adjust their knowledge and practices in accordance with the modern world. It is located in Subidhanagar, Tinkune.

Triton International College has the best education because of which the students can follow our traditional values and cultures. It has seniority in the field of discipline and has never made adjustments to the quality of education. It has strict rules that must be obeyed; otherwise, it may lead to the release of students from the institute at any time by the administration.

Besides +2 programs, Triton International College also provides graduate degrees in BA, BBS, and BSW under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide better studies in all the courses available.
  • To make students capable of becoming professionals in their related field and motivate them to organize and be liable so that they can lead and command the nation
  • To help students refine their individual personalities and qualities.


  • Separate labs for computer and science faculty with well- equipped resources and highly qualified trainer.
  • For any minor injuries inside the college premises, there is medical facility with well reputed doctors and nurses. It also provides the Transportation services.
  • Classes with  large space for students from different parts of valley.

Why Triton Int'l College

Scholarships at Triton Int'l College

Principal Message

The various programs at Triton Int'l College are as follows:

Bachelor of Social Work

This program provides knowledge to prepare for potential social workers by familiaring to social structures, issues, creating solutions to resolve social problems and creating harmony in the society and providing necessary infrastructures, human resources to support and develop the societies. It is a three year program combining theory and practical lessons.

Bachelor of Business Studies

It is a four year program from the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. It provides knowledge of business organizations, operations, managerial knowledge and skills to successfully operate the business functions and lead organizations in transforming developments of public and private sectors.

Master of Business Studies

Master of Business Studies is a two years, four semesters program of Tribhuvan University after graduation from the Bachelor program. This program will provide conceptual skill of business and Management, business environment of national and international scale functions,entrepreneurial capacities, research skills to perform the tasks of high level Managers of business, industries and public private and international sectors in Nepal.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Triton International College provides a Bachelor of Computer Applications program of four years, 8 semesters from Tribhuvan University affiliation. This program equips with skills, knowledge of software design, networking, programming and testing, project Management, database insights. The graduates of BCA can work in IT fields and pursue Masters in the same field nationally and internationally.

+2 Management

Plus 2 Management of Triton International College provides foundations for higher education in Business Management, Hotel Management areas of national and international levels.Designed by National Examinations Board it offers options to study from Business studies, Computer Science and Hotel Management fields of knowledge.

+2 Science

Triton International College provides most of the streams in their Plus 2 academic level. They have a Plus 2 Science program in Physical, biological and Computer groups. This program at Triton opens further studies in Medicine, Engineering, Technology and Biotechnology areas after successful completion of two years from the National Examination Board.

+2 Law

Plus 2 law program gives knowledge of the judicial system and their functions. It combines knowledge of social sciences, language, legal theories, legal drafting and justice roles in this field of work and also prepares to study llB program at the next step.

+2 Humanities

Plus 2 Humanities program at Triton International College provides knowledge of humanity and social science areas and functions to societal needs and creating skilled and qualified human resources in these areas of work. It has mass communication, English language, Social Studies and interdisciplinary areas of foundation based knowledge in this course of NEB.