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Triyuga Janata Bahumukhi Campus

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Triyuga Janata Bahumukhi Campus was established on the 4th of Shrawan in the year 2044 B.S. This college is named after Gaighat, which is the city and municipality of the Udayapur district of eastern Nepal in the zone of Sagarmatha. Triyuga Janata Campus runs under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. This is only one higher educational institute in Udayapur that provides academic programs such as +2 programs, Bachelor and Master in Humanities, Management, and Education.

The education at Triyuga Janata Bahumukhi Campus is comparatively better than others. Triyuga Janata Bahumukhi Campus covers a large area, with working communication facilities provided by Nepal Telecom and Ncell to the town. The internet service is also provided by various IPS's; some of them are Nepal Telecom, Subisu, Broadlink, Worldlink, etc.

Besides academic learning, you can also get information about the Triyuga Valley and the inner Terai Valley, which consist of histories of the Sen Dynasty, historic kingdoms, and other histories where you can gather details practically. It is among the largest valleys in the eastern part of Nepal, where there are many natural attractions; one of the main attractions are rivers.


Triyuga Janata Bahumukhi Campus has also been providing practical knowledge to the students by organizing different educational tours and outdoor sports activities. Transportation has also been made through public buses within the town; tempo and taxis are also available for rent as the road of the Sagarmatha Highway is connected to the town areas. There is communication as well as internet facilities in the college area, which helps the students gather knowledge at any time when needed. Triyuga Janata Bahumukhi Campus covers a large area of land where students can also devote their time to sports activities for their physical as well as strategic development.

The various programs at Triyuga Janata Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

If you want to build a promising career in business sector and develop both analytical and decision-making skills, then study Bachelor of Business Studies at Triyuga Janata Bhahumukhi Campus and know the benefits of studying this course.

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education specialises in providing knowledge in various subject matters with highly advanced training. To know more about this course, apply at Triyuga Janata Bahumukhi Campus and have high proficiency in this field.

Bachelor of Education in Information Communication Technology

B. Ed in Information Communication Technology program is designed to produce competent professional in this field. Then, strive for a career in the field of information communication technology offered at Triyuga Janata Bahumukhi Campus. Click a link for more details.