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TU Institute of Science and Technology

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The Tribhuvan University (TU) has been running the Institute of Science and Technology (IOST) as one of the largest technical institute. It consists of 23 Central Departments, 23 Constituent Campuses and 48 affiliated campuses. The competitiveness in different sector of this institute has made the shape of this university at present by preparing for the scientifically oriented and technical manpower for meeting the national standard. It aims in generating a scientific culture in the society and updating the quality of life of the people.

The IOST and Central Departments have linkages and coordination with different ministries and organizations within the country and as well as in international level and academic institutions. The enrollment of student’s at B.Sc (Bachelor of Science), B.Tech (Bachelor in Technology),M.Sc (Master of Science) and M.Tech (Maters in Technology) levels are increasing annually. The IOST is to assist in the quality of different departments and for evolving it as the center of excellence.

TU has well-equipped laboratories which employs skilled manpower by delivering advisory services in science and technology. It collaborates cooperates with national and international organization. The TU has also established the Research Institute for Science and Technology in 2005 for   interrelating collaborative activities. The Research Department consists of Research Centers, Division Social Relation affiliated Projects, Technical Division and Center Joint Usage within the country.

Why IOST ?

The IOST is the oldest and the largest technical institute in TU. It has been established in the current state after facing various provocation and preparing scientifically oriented technical manpower with different levels to meet the requirements of the country. The TU is capable to compete with universities in regional and global standards in terms of curriculum and informative standard. The TU consists of 13 Central Departments, 23 Integral Campuses and 48 affiliated Campuses.

The IOST and the Central Departments have link and coordination with the different ministries, NGOs and INGOs and academic institutions. The annual rate of students enrollment in the courses like B.Tech (Bachelor in Technology) ,B.SC (Bachelor in Science) ,M.SC ( Master in Science) and M.Tech ( Masters in Technology).The University has well-equipped laboratories, employed skilled manpower and delivering advisory services in the field of science and technology by forming an alliance with national and international companies.

Establishment of Research activities in IOST:

The Research Centers are jointly funded by Ministry of Education and the university. The Research Center for Fire Safety Science is the nationally chosen organization for joint usage and research outside the institution as well as it is now extending its activities internationally in Asia.


The members of Research of IOST has different organizational structure. The cooperation between members are encouraged to be well built for the new perspective in science and technology. Therefore, the research has been categorized on the basis of subject the university provides. The categories are listed below:

  • Functional Materials (FM)
  • Structural Materials (SM)
  • Bio and Pharmacy (BP)
  • Information and Societal (IS)
  • Fundamentals (F)

All the categorized groups have an annual meeting annually

The various programs at IOST are as follows:

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

B.Sc.CSIT is an undergraduate degree offered by TU Institute of Science and Technology that aims to give knowledge in the computer sector that deals with theoretical as well as practical learning in Software and technological field. Browse the link to get additional information.

MSc Physics

Bachelor in Mathematical Science

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics

MSc in Mathematics

MSc Microbiology

MSc Biotechnology

MSc Zoology

MSc Botany

MSc Geology

MSc Hydrology and Meteorology

MSc Engineering Geology