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TU School of Management

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Tribhuvan University runs many constituent colleges all over Nepal. However, it does run colleges centrally in Kritipur under its own premises. Those colleges are directly operated by Tribhuvan University. The School of Management is a special department under TU, also known as TUSOM. It offers all kinds of management programs, like MBA and MBM, that are centrally run. Currently, TUSOM Central Campus only provides degrees at the masters level.

There is a large competition among students to study at TUSOM, as they believe that the quality of education at TU Central Campus is much better than elsewhere. This is a fact to the large extent, as TU will definitely give special attention to a department running directly under it.

Extra Information

The various programs at TU School of Management are as follows:

MBA - Master of Business Administration

TU School of Management offers Master of Business Administration(MBA) that aims students to develop their leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial competencies and to strengthen their competencies, as MBA in TU school of management is based on the dynamic framework where students can focus specialize on a wide range of diverse expertise according to their interest and particular needs.For more info, Click the link.

Masters of Finance and Control

If you are interested in having a sound knowledge on developing a special focus on finance, investments, banking, and insurance as well as principles of managing business that emphasize on financial decision making, then Master of Finance and Control in TU School of Management is the right option for you.

MBA Global Leadership and Management

MBA- Global Leadership and management in TU School of Management aims to promote professional skills to the students who are capable in leading an organization in a global fields of the business careers those are relevent and also seeks deep knowledge in these type of sectors. Browse the link for more details.