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Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication | TU

The Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication or BJMC is a three-year program offered by Tribhuvan University under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. This program follows an annual exam-based system. Its objective is to help students understand and appreciate the importance and power of journalism and mass communication. Through this program, students will gain practical knowledge and be able to apply the theories and principles of journalism and mass communication. The course structure is similar to other BA programs. Each paper in mass communication and journalism carries a total of 100 marks, with 70 marks allocated for theory and 30 marks for practical work. In the third year, students can choose one of two optional subjects. Overall, this Bachelor program provides insights into subjects such as media research, history, law and management of mass media, radio/TV journalism, and more.

Objectives of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

The objectives of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication program for students are as follows:

  • To endow theoretical and practical outlook on the fundamental principles of Mass Communication and Journalism. It also aims to equip them with a basic understanding of the field of journalism and media.
  • To provide the basic skills needed for writing, editing, and designing newspapers, writing bulletins and news articles, news anchoring, running appealing television programs, creating print and web advertisements, writing blogs, posts, tweets, and producing YouTube videos, among other things.
  • To provide knowledge of research methods and various statistical tools required for research in the field of mass communication and journalism.
  • To analyze and understand the problems faced by people in their locality and utilize their knowledge to solve these problems.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

Eligibility Criteria:

The students willing to pursue a BA in Mass Communication and Journalism at Tribhuvan University must have completed their plus two or proficiency level from TU or a Board/Institution/University recognized by TU, regardless of their stream.

Entrance exam:

There is no provision for an entrance exam in the Humanities and Social Science faculty. However, the respective campuses may conduct entrance exams for their own evaluation purposes

Career and Scope

The undergraduates of this Bachelor program have very fascinating career prospects. Everyone is well aware of the fact that mass media and journalism play a significant role in safeguarding the rights of people and the core of democracy. The undergraduates in the field of mass communication and journalism have several working options. They can work as news anchors, writers, editors, supervisors, reporters, advisers, etc. Students can pursue careers as news analysts, advertising managers, media house managers, television personalities, freelancers, news broadcasters, etc. Creative TV programs or radio news can bring about change in society and make the presenter an overnight celebrity. This is the power of mass media and journalism. Moreover, undergraduates of this Bachelor program have the option to continue their studies in the country or abroad. The demand for mass communication and journalism graduates is also very high in developed countries.