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The Bachelor of Education (One year B.Ed.) is a twelve months program in education introduced by Tribhuvan University. It provides students with an array of courses and field experience to enhance their skills and knowledge required to teach in the modern classroom. The program is ideal for teachers as well as students willing to make a career in the teaching field.

The One year B.Ed. program by TU offers well-rounded knowledge in the field of education with a major emphasis on methodological skills and pedagogical knowledge needed to teach at secondary level. The program comprises of Core Courses carrying 100 full marks, Teaching Practice carrying 100 full marks and Specialization Courses carrying 200 full marks. Apart from theoretical concepts, students are equipped with practical knowledge as well.

List of Bachelor of Education One Year Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Education One Year program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Education One Year

Some of the objectives of the One year Bachelor of Education program are listed below:

  • To produce academically sound and practically skilled teachers needed for the secondary schools.
  • To enhance student's communication skills.
  • To enable students to analyze the changing nature of community critically in order to update education policies and curriculum.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Education One Year

Students with bachelor degree in any discipline except Sanskrit are eligible to apply for this program.

Bachelor of Education One Year Syllabus

Below is the detailed TU Bachelor of Education One Year Syllabus.

1st Year

  • 412: Philosophical & Sociological Foundation of Ed
  • 413: Educational Psychology
  • 414: Curriculum & Evaluation
  • 498: Practice Teaching
  • 499: Practicum (Adm+Sup)
  • 416: English Ed. (Specialization) 1- Foundation of Language & Linguistics
  • 490: English Ed. (Specialization) 2- Eng. Language Teaching Methods
  • 416: Math {Specialization} 1- Modern Mathematics & Statistics
  • 490: Math {Specialization} 2- Teaching Mathematics in Secondary School
  • 416: Nepali {Specialization} 1- General and Experimental Linguistics
  • 490: Nepali {Specialization} 2- Nepali Languages Teaching
  • 421: Administration & Supervision {Specialization} 1- Educational Administration
  • 422: Administration & Supervision {Specialization} 2- Educational Supervision
  • 390: Social Studies { Specialization} 1- Methods of Teaching Economics
  • 390: Social Studies { Specialization} 2- Methods of Teaching Geography
  • 390: Social Studies { Specialization} 3- Methods of Teaching History
  • 390: Social Studies { Specialization} 4- Methods of Teaching Political Science
  • 306: Population Education { Specialization} 1- Population Ed. & Quality of Life
  • 390: Population Education { Specialization} 2- Methods of Teaching Population Ed.
  • 301: Health Education { Specialization} 1- Foundation of Health Ed.
  • 390: Health Education { Specialization} 2- Methods of Teach. H. Ed. (Th.+Pr.)

Scope and Career Prospects

Graduates with this degree are eligible to work in a private and government schools. In addition to this, B.Ed. degree helps students to get job in education departments, coaching centers and education consultancies. Grads interested in initiating vocation independently can run their own tuition center and give home tuitions. The program gives solid grounding in the fields of Education, enabling them to pursue higher education in the related field.

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