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The pride and honor that we feel when someone calls us Nepali is very hard to express and explain in words. We consider ourselves very lucky to be born in this great and beautiful country. Unfortunately, the people have become lured towards foreign language, forgetting the importance of our own mother tongue. Language is not only the means of communication; it is the package of our identity, culture, history and civilization. It glorifies us and gives our life a meaning. The youth of the nation should be well aware about the importance of our language. Master of Arts in Nepali is a two year, four semester course of Tribhuvan University under the faculty of Humanities and Social Science. 

List of M.A. Nepali Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for M.A. Nepali program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

College Name Phone Area
Bhairahawa Multiple(Bahumukhi) Campus 977-71-520205, Shanti nagar, Bhairahawa Apply
Bhaktapur Multiple Campus 01-6610200 / 6613199, Doodhpati, Bhaktapur Apply
Birendra Multiple Campus 056-520253, 520689, Narayangadh, Bharatpur Apply
Central Department of Nepali 01-4331132, Kirtipur Apply
Diktel Multiple Campus 36-20119, Diktel Apply
Mahendra Campus 025-521546, Sunsari, Dharan Apply
Mahendra Multiple Campus Baglung 977-68-520113, Baglung Bazzar, Baglung Apply

Objectives of M.A. Nepali

The main objectives of studying MA in Nepali in Tribhuvan University are as follows:

  • The course aims in making students capable of understanding the fundamentals of Nepali language and advocating its need and importance.
  • MA in Nepali aims to build efficient manpower that have an ability to uplift our language and literature to the phenomenal height and make it very popular among youngsters.
  • It aims to produce creative students who have a zeal and passion to conduct research and other research related activities in this field.
  • MA in Nepali aims to produce innovative and talented students who can contribute in uplifting Nepali literature by writing poems, ghazals, stories, plays, etc. that are correct from both literature and grammatical point of view.
  • MA in Nepali aims to produce prolific students who are easily saleable in the job market, who can compete with the students of other faculty in any kind of competitive exam and who can influence millions of lives through the artistic use of our mother tongue.

Admission Requirements in M.A. Nepali

In order to get admission in MA in Nepali program, students need to have Bachelor Degree in Nepali from Tribhuvan University or from board/ institution/ university recognized by TU in any stream. Those who fulfill this criteria are eligible to appear in the entrance exam conducted by Central department of Nepali, Kirtipur.

First Semester

  • 515: linguistics
  • 516: Nepali stories and dramas
  • 517: Eastern and Western criticism
  • 518: Major areas of experimental linguistics

Second Semester

  • 525: Nepali poetry
  • 526: Nepali Essays and Criticism
  • 527: Linguistic testing
  • 528: Social linguistics and psycholinguistics

Third Semester

  • 535: Nepali language teaching
  • 536: Genre teaching
  • 537: Major Principles of Linguistics
  • 538: Linguistic research method

Fourth Semester

  • 545: Historical Linguistics and Linguistics of Nepal
  • 546: The art of linguistic editing (optional 1)
  • 546: Lexicography (optional 2)

Scope and Career Prospects

Everything we hear and think may not be true. In order to get well acquainted with the fact, you have to face it. Same is the case with Nepali Language. There is a widespread rumor that it is very limited and has very restricted career prospects. However, this kind of argument is biased and baseless rumor. Like other subjects, graduates of MA in Nepali can earn tremendous name, fame and money. Civil service exam takes place in Nepal where technical Nepali language is used; it becomes easy for MA in Nepali graduates to compete in such exams. Graduates having ability to speak and write correct Nepali is rewarded everywhere. One can work as a writer, teacher, lecturer, editor, reporter, journalist, anchor, analyst, advisor, translator, etc. after passing MA in Nepali. One can also work as freelancer and start creating his/her own literature works. Experts in this language will have an opportunity to go abroad and deliver lectures on the importance of our language. Towering personality like Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Lekhnath Paudel, Bhanu Bhakta Acharya etc. are appreciated and respected all over the world. Since, this is Nepal's official language, it is widely needed and its scope will increase in the days to come, if we correlate it with technology.

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