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MA Nepali or Master in Nepali is a two-year, four-semester program offered by Tribhuvan University(TU) under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.The pride and honor that we feel when someone calls us Nepali are very hard to express and explain in words. We consider ourselves very lucky to be born in this great and beautiful country. Unfortunately, people have become lured towards foreign languages, forgetting the importance of our own mother tongue. Language is not only a means of communication; it is a package that encompasses our identity, culture, history, and civilization. It glorifies us and gives our life meaning. The youth of the nation should be well aware of the importance of our language.

Objectives of MA Nepali

The main objectives of studying MA Nepali program at Tribhuvan University(TU) are as follows:

  • The program aims to enable students to understand the fundamentals of the Nepali language and advocate for its necessity and importance.
  • MA Nepali TU program aims to cultivate skilled individuals who can elevate our language and literature to new heights and make it popular among younger generations.
  • It aims to produce creative students who have a passion for conducting research and engaging in research-related activities in the field of Nepali language and literature.
  • MA Nepali TU program aims to nurture innovative and talented students who can contribute to the advancement of Nepali literature by producing poems, ghazals, stories, plays, etc., that exhibit both literary and grammatical excellence.
  • MA Nepali program aims to develop proficient students who are highly employable in the job market, capable of competing with students from other faculties in any form of competitive examination, and who can impact millions of lives through the artistic use of our mother tongue.

Admission Requirements in MA Nepali

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for admission in the MA Nepali TU program, students must have a Bachelor's Degree in Nepali from Tribhuvan University or from a board/institution/university recognized by TU in any stream. Those who fulfill this criteria are eligible to appear in the entrance exam conducted by the Central Department of Nepali in Kirtipur.

Career and Scope

Everything we hear and think may not be true. To truly understand the facts, we must face them. The same applies to the Nepali language. There is a widespread rumor that it has limited career prospects, but this argument is biased and baseless. Just like other subjects, graduates of MA Nepali can earn tremendous name, fame, and money.

In Nepal, the civil service exam is conducted in Nepali, and graduates of MA Nepali have an advantage in competing in such exams. Graduates who possess the ability to speak and write correct Nepali are highly valued everywhere. They can work as writers, teachers, lecturers, editors, reporters, journalists, anchors, analysts, advisors, translators, and more. They can also work as freelancers and create their own literary works. Experts in Nepali language have the opportunity to go abroad and deliver lectures on the importance of our language.

Respected figures like Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Lekhnath Paudel, Bhanu Bhakta Acharya, and others have gained recognition and respect worldwide. As Nepal's official language, Nepali is widely needed, and its scope will expand in the future, especially when correlated with technology.

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