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Master of Business Management or MBM is a two year program and is based on semester system. This master degree program has altogether 4 semesters in total and is provided by Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University (TU). This program has 15 credit hours in each semester and has exactly 60 credit hours in total of all 4 semesters. Out of 60 credit hours, 39 credit hours are allocated for core course modules that promote general perspectives of management. Each subject is of 3 credit hours except of research which is of 6 credit hours. Apart from this, knowledge of concentration courses, banking and finance, applied marketing, small business and entrepreneurship, sectorial management, and rural development are also provided to students for their professional improvement. In third and fourth semester, there are choices for the student. The students can choose among the subjects such as agribusiness management, commerce management, travel and tourism management, insurance and risk management, Micro finance and entrepreneurship, E business, etc. for the specialization in anyone sector. These kind of specialized courses reflect new ideas, trends and practices in the field of management.

Fee structure:

The fee for studying Master of Business Management in Tribhuvan University(TU) at Central Campus is Rs. 250,000. The first semester fee is Rs. 80, 000 and it will decrease to Rs. 65,000 from second semester onward.

Objectives of Master of Business Management

The objectives of Master of Business Management program TU are as follows:

  • To help students to develop the core business skills that assist in developing the capable and proficient professional for the business, public sector, social sectors, etc.
  • To produce highly trained business graduates with a strong base in understanding what business proceedings is all about and also develop the skills and awareness required to be successful businessmen, managers, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • To produce efficient executives capable of exploring and enhancing new business ventures as well as promoting emerging business sector for the development of country.
  • To offer students comprehensive and broader practical understanding, Deep knowledge of management issues and necessary skills as well as ideas.

Admission Requirements in Master of Business Management


The students who are willing to join Master of Business Management  program at Tribhuvan University (TU) must fulfill the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 15 years of formal education consisting 12 years of schooling and three year or more of undergraduate study.
  • Candidates must have to secure a minimum CGPA of 2.0 or 45 percent in the Board Exam of Bachelor level.
  • In order to join this program, there is not any education bar for the candidates i.e. students from any stream can join the Master of Business Management program.

Admission criteria:

Management faculty of Tribhuvan University conducts four staged admission tests to properly select the correct candidates.

  • Written test: The written test is based on the GMAT and GRE format. The time of written exam is 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Group Discussion: Group discussion takes place in given topics which are judged by panel of experts.
  • Individual presentation: Applicants should provide his/her views on the given topics.
  • Personal interview: Personal interview is then taken by the college representatives.

Career and Scope

Master of Business Management is one of the new program introduced by the faculty of management. MBM program was introduced with the purpose of providing latest knowledge in the field of management to the aspiring learners. So, business management graduates have very huge career potentials. The graduates can work as managers in different business sectors, corporate sectors, factories and industries, etc. Not only this, but the graduates can also work as business analyst, sales managers, marketing analyst, banker, investment analyst, etc. Graduates also have option to pursue their career as writer, editor, journalist, etc. in the field of management. Moreover, intellectual students can work as the teachers, lecturers, and academician in the schools, colleges and in the universities as well. Likewise, business field also needs lot of researchers for enhancing the business strategy and exploring new fields. The prospects of the graduates are also high in the developed countries. They get good job with handsome remuneration.

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