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MEd Health Education or Master of education in Health Education is a two-year program offered by the Faculty of Education at Tribhuvan University (TU). This program follows a semester system and is divided into four semesters, although in other colleges, this degree is conducted on a yearly basis. To enhance learners understanding of the course, it is divided into core courses, specializations, electives, teaching practice, and a thesis.

Except for the fourth semester, which is worth 12 credit hours, all other courses are worth 18 credit hours. In the yearly system, the total course is worth 1000 marks, with each year consisting of 500 marks to study. MEd in Health Education course is designed with the primary objective of preparing tutee to become competent tutors and teachers in the future. Its importance extends beyond the classroom setting.

Objectives of MEd Health Education

The major objectives of MEd Health Education program are listed below:

  • To enable scholar to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills in planning the assessment process, accessing existing information and data related to health, collecting data, and analyzing them.
  • To develop students into dynamic professionals capable of providing leadership in various sectors related to health.
  • To produce highly qualified and efficient health teachers for different educational levels and also develop individuals with skills and expertise in non-academic sectors.
  • To exposes students to a wide range of social and physical health issues and inspire them to cultivate an investigative and creative mindset in their roles as reliable professionals.

Admission Requirements in MEd Health Education

Eligibility for Admission:

candidate who wish to enroll in the MEd Health Education program must meet the following criteria:

  • A Bachelor's Degree in Education from TU or an equivalent degree from a college/university/board recognized by TU.


  • Candidates should have a three-year B.Ed. degree with a major in Physical Education.

Entrance Exam:

  • Candidate must pass the entrance exam with the minimum passing marks to be eligible for admission.
  • The entrance exam is conducted by the Department of Tribhuvan University.

Attendance and Evaluation System:

As per the regulations imposed by Tribhuvan University in MEd in Health Education program :

  • Students must achieve at least of 70% attendance to be eligible for the annual examination in the yearly system.
  • In the semester system, 80% attendance is compulsory for the final examination.

MEd in Health Education evaluation procedures for practical courses will be specified by the subject committees. In the yearly system, the minimum pass mark for theory papers is 40%. In the semester system, the nominal pass mark is 50% for theory papers and 50% for practical papers.

Career and Scope

The importance of wellbeing is essential and vital for all individuals. Every year, thousands of innocent lives perish from the earth due to a lack of basic education. Therefore, MEd in Health Education education is a fundamental necessity for everyone. Graduates who choose to pursue this degree have excellent career prospects. As health graduates, they are eligible to teach at all levels, from primary to tertiary, spanning from colleges to universities. There are numerous opportunities for employment in various positions, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health posts, and community health development organizations, based on their qualifications. Additionally, there are various government agencies, departments, and institutions working in the field of health that offer employment opportunities to graduates. Moreover, graduates have promising career opportunities in developed countries, where they can further enhance their knowledge through advanced studies or secure jobs to start earning.

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