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MEd in Mathematics | TU

Masters of Education in Mathematics or MEd Mathematics is a two-year program offered by the Faculty of Education at Tribhuvan University (TU). At the central campus, the program is conducted over four semesters, while in other campuses, it is conducted as a yearly system with exams at the end of each academic year. The course content is divided into core courses, specializations, electives, teaching practice, and a thesis, providing comprehensive knowledge about the subject matter to the students. The total course consists of 66 credit hours, with 12 semester hours allocated for the fourth semester, while the remaining semesters are of 18 credit hours each.

The curriculum of Masters of Education in Mathematics at Tribhuvan University is designed to shape students into competent teachers and trainers in the field of mathematics. MEd in Mathematics program is one of the key programs offered by the Faculty of Education, attracting a large number of students every year.

Objectives of MEd in Mathematics

The main objectives of MEd Mathematics degree are:

  • To equip students with a thorough understanding of mathematics, as it is essential for becoming efficient and competent teachers.
  • To foster students' curiosity in investigating, teaching, and learning mathematics, enabling them to apply their acquired knowledge effectively in the classroom.
  • To develop students' professional competence, enabling them to utilize their mathematical knowledge in solving various scientific problems.
  • To facilitate students' personal growth, promoting creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills alongside theoretical knowledge.

Admission Requirements in MEd in Mathematics


Students who wish to enroll in the M.Ed. Mathematics program must meet the following criteria:

  • Candidates must have completed a bachelor's degree in Education from any college/university recognized by Tribhuvan University(TU).
  • scholar must have completed a bachelor's degree in Education (one-year, two-year, or three-year BEd) with a major in Mathematics from any college/university accepted by Tribhuvan University(TU).

Entrance Exam for Admission:

  • Students are required to pass an entrance test to be eligible for admission.
  • The entrance exam is administered by the Department of Mathematics.
  • After the entrance exam, a merit list is published to determine the admission.

Career and Scope

There is hardly any field where mathematics is not utilized. Knowledge of mathematics is essential to some extent, as it is involved in almost every aspect of the economy. Graduates of MEd in Mathematics degree have job opportunities ranging from primary to tertiary levels. They can work in schools, colleges, and universities. There is a demand for math graduates in commerce colleges, science colleges, and various other institutions. Moreover, there are numerous government vacancies where graduates can compete and have a strong chance of success due to their solid background in mathematics. Additionally, there are a large number of NGOs and INGOs working in the field of education where math graduates can contribute their expertise.