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MEd in Science Education is a two-year program offered by Tribhuvan University (TU) under the Faculty of Education. Master of Education program follows a semester system and is divided into four semesters. However, in campuses other than the central campus, exams are conducted at the end of each academic year. In the central campus, exams are held every six months. The total duration of this program is two years, and it is structured with core courses, specializations, electives, teaching practice, and a thesis component to provide comprehensive knowledge in various aspects of the subject.

Each of the first three semesters comprises 18 credit hours, while the fourth semester consists of 12 credit hours. In total, students are required to complete 66 credit hours. In the yearly system, the syllabus is allocated 1000 marks. The aim of MEd in Education program is to provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to become competent science teachers and trainers. This program holds great significance in the education sector and is considered a top priority among students. Upon completion of the program, students can expect rewarding career prospects as the hard work invested in this subject pays off.

Objectives of MEd in Science Education

The key objectives of MEd in Science Education program are:

  • To produce dynamic and influential educators and trainers with the ability to supervise and bring progress to the practice of teaching science education.
  • To develop the personality and cultivate a mindset of change in graduates, enabling them to become successful teachers, administrators, and researchers in the field of science education.
  • To help students become capable of analyzing, understanding, and evaluating the multidimensional aspects of science education and suggesting improvements.
  • To develop students' capacity to independently design and conduct theoretical and applied research in the field of science, both individually and as part of a group.

Admission Requirements in MEd in Science Education

Eligibility for Admission:

Students must have passed a Bachelor's Degree in Education from colleges/universities/boards recognized by Tribhuvan University. For admission into different specialized subjects, students must possess the specific qualifications required for that specialized subject.

Entrance Examination:

Under the semester system, passing an entrance test is mandatory for admission. The entrance exam is conducted by the Department of Science Education, Tribhuvan University. The merit list is published after the completion of the entrance exam.

Career and Scope

The candidates are exposed to a large number of career opportunities after completing MEd in Science Educaton degree. There is a widespread belief that graduates will be limited to teaching and classroom activities, but this project offers much more than that. Teaching is just one part; there are many other options for students. They can work as researchers in science-related institutes or in numerous NGOs/INGOs established in Nepal, depending on their qualifications. Additionally, there are science magazines and journals where students can work and earn. MEd graduates can also work as writers, editors, administrators, curriculum developers, freelancers, scientists, and more. Moreover, science holds great importance in foreign countries, where students can choose to continue their studies or start working. Therefore, Master of Science in Science Education program is as competitive and valuable as other degrees, and graduates can work with their heads held high.

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