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Many of us are inherently curious about the facts, figures, and components of the Earth, as well as how it is formed and what it consists of. The science of geology is primarily concerned with the study of the surface materials, its structure, the processes that shape it, and the organisms that inhabit it. It also investigates the changes that the land has undergone over millions of years.

The Master of Science in Geology or MSc Geology is a two-year program offered by Tribhuvan University. This program follows a semester system and is divided into a total of four semesters. The MSc in Geology provides a combination of theoretical and practical teaching, as well as extensive fieldwork techniques, to equip graduates with the necessary skills to perform task in various areas such as tunnels, roads, bridges, dams, and more. The Department of Geology was established in 1968 at Trichandra College for the BSc in Geology program, while the Master of Science in Geology program began in 1986 at the Central Campus, Kirtipur.

Objectives of MSc Geology

The major objectives of MSc Geology program are as follows:

  • To help students gain the knowledge of fundamentals and emerging concepts in geology and retain the integrated concepts of various classes
  • To aid students to develop ability to evaluate the quality of data and use this for comparing competing  theories or ideas, collect defensible data and analyze and interpret variety of data sets
  • Assist students to promote communication skills, technical skills and computing skills that is relevant in the field of geology
  • To guide students to expand their ability to operat alone or in groups by abiding with the moral ethics and being aware of the responsibility of a geologists towards the society

Admission Requirements in MSc Geology

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students willing to pursue MSc Geology must have to complete BSc Geology or any equivalent level of degree from college. University/ board recognized by Tribhuvan University (TU).
  • Students must have to fulfill all the requirements as announced in the MSc entrance exam notice published by Tribhuvan University (TU).

Selection Criteria Published by Tribhuvan University

  • The candidates will be selected for the admission on the basis of merit list which is prepared by adding the marks secured in the entrance test (80%) and the percentage of the marks secured in Bachelor Degree (20%)
  • 80% questions are objective and 20% are subjective with short answer that should be solved within 2 hours
  • 80% seat is for open category and 20% seat is for inclusive category

Career and Scope

If somebody has an extreme desire to know about the earth related issues such as environmental protection, resource management, mineral and oil exploration than geology is the career choice you can make. Geologists can get commission in the fields like ground water management, geological survey, natural gas and natural resources, mineral exploration, zinc and copper related industries etc. The scope of geology is increasing because of growing environmental hazards caused by pollution and other associated issues. MSc in Geology unveils plethora of exciting and challenging job opportunities to the graduates. After acquiring more experience and knowledge one can:

  • Apply for some of the top positions in government, research, education sector etc.
  • Also place themselves in  NGO/ INGOs working in the field of earth
  • Get jobs as a journalist in various journals, TV's, magazines and as a research specialist.
  • Teach in colleges and universities in different positions

Similarly, MSc in Geology graduates  from Tribhuvan Unversity are also highly valued in other developed countries where they can work and study.