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Master in Travel And Tourism Management | Tribhuvan University

Master of travel and tourism management (MTTM) is a two year, four semester program of Tribhuvan University. This course was designed with mission of making students well acquainted with the knowledge of travel and tourism related operation, packages, managerial function and management ideas. This curriculum is designed with the purpose of giving comprehensive knowledge to the professional who are already working in this field but lacks in depth and specialized skills that are very essential in the global tourism market.

There are six specialization areas: Airlines Management, Tourism Entrepreneurship, International Tourism, Event & Conference, Hotel Operation Management, Tourism Product Development, and Public Relations & Promotion in MTTM. In first and semester, subjects are same for all. However, in third and fourth semester students have two choose any two electives out of six electives in each semester. There is internship project in third semester and final project in fourth semester.

Fee structure:

The fee for studying Master of Travel and Tourism Management in National College of Travel and Tourism Management happens to be Rs. 3,10,000.

List of colleges:

There is only one college offering this course and that is:

National College of Travel and Tourism Management, Ratopul, Gaushala, Kathmandu 

List of Master in Travel And Tourism Management Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Master in Travel And Tourism Management program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Objectives of Master in Travel And Tourism Management

The main objectives of MTTM are listed below:

  • The course aspires the students to provide advance theoretical knowledge which is very essential in the field of tourism and travel management.
  • The course aspires to impart analytical and problem solving skills so as to cope with present and emerging challenges and develop ability to put forward genuine solution for it.
  • The course aspires to endow knowledge in students about conducting the empirical and applied research in the field of travel and tourism industry and also meet the challenges of this very demanding industry.
  • The course aims to develop talent in students for taking leadership role and appraise to and act in response to concerns of travel and tourism industry.

Admission Requirements in Master in Travel And Tourism Management


  • The students who have passed Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management or Bachelor of Hotel Management or equivalent or Bachelor degree in any stream from TU or university accepted by TU are eligible for Master of travel and tourism management.
  • Be it fresher or working graduates, anyone can apply provided that he should have minimum of second division in Bachelor Degree.

Entrance exam:

  • Students should compulsorily appear in the entrance exam.
  • The entrance exam is based on CMAT format.
  • The merit list is published than afterwards.
  • For detail information related to entrance, one should contact the college administration.

Below is the detailed TU Master in Travel And Tourism Management Syllabus.

First Semester

  • Principles of Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Tourism Economics
  • Research Methodology in Tourism Industry
  • Marketing Management

Second Semester

  • Tourism Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Planning & Control
  • Tourism Law and Environment
  • Travel Information Management
  • Strategic Tourism Management

Third Semester

  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • International Tourism & Contemporary Issues
  • Elective Area-I (Select Any Two)
  • Internship Project (Internship project within the host organization)
  • ELECTIVE AREA 1 - Management of Travel Agency & Tour Operations
  • ELECTIVE AREA 1- Sustainable Tourism
  • ELECTIVE AREA 1- Crisis Management in Tourism
  • ELECTIVE AREA 1- Airlines Operations Management

Fourth Semester

  • Strategic Tourism Marketing
  • Tourism Planning & Policy Analysis
  • Elective Area-II (Select Any Two)
  • Final Project
  • ELECTIVE AREA II - Hotel Operations Management
  • ELECTIVE AREA II - National Parks Management
  • ELECTIVE AREA II Tourism Impact Management
  • ELECTIVE AREA II - Public Relations and Promotions
  • ELECTIVE AREA II - Tourism Product Development
  • ELECTIVE AREA II - Contemporary Issues in Tourism(seminar course)

Fifth Semester

Sixth Semester

Seventh Semester

Eighth Semester

Scope and Career Prospects

The travel and tourism is a very broad field and its potential to provide job to the graduates is very high. The job prospects for graduates are open in both private and public sectors. There are various departments of government that is working in the field of tourism and travel. The graduates can work in the airlines companies, travel agencies, tour operators, hotels and restaurants, and many other corporate houses working in the field of tourism industry. The graduates can work in the research field researching in various topics related to travel and tourism. Also, the graduates can work in colleges, schools, universities, etc providing knowledge of travel and tourism. The graduates can work as travel manager, holiday representative, tourism officer, supervisor, information center manager, event organizer, customer service manager, marketing manager etc. Also, the graduates have good opportunities to go abroad through this degree. So, this degree exposes students to wide range of careers and students can choose any field that satisfies them the most.

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