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Phone: 01-5437530 | Email: info@united.edu.np | Website: https://academy.united.edu.np/

UA located at Education Hub of Lalitpur Metropolitan, Kumaripati is renowned as one of the best Centers of Excellence for Learning since its establishment in 1997. Continuously then, the flame of education has been igniting the hearts and minds of millions of our students.

Scholarships at united academy

At United Academy, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for all our students to excel, regardless of their financial circumstances. That's why we offer scholarships to our brilliant students who meet certain eligibility criteria, to ensure that no student is held back from pursuing their dreams because of financial difficulties.

In addition to our scholarships, we also recognize and reward academic excellence through various awards. We annually present the ‘Best Student Award’ to the top three students of each faculty in both Class XI and Class XII, based on the results of our annual competition exam. We believe that this fosters a healthy and competitive learning environment, where students are motivated to perform their best.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the top three students in each faculty for each terminal examination with our Academic Awards. This is our way of inspiring and encouraging our students to strive for academic excellence.

Principal Message

After more than two years of pandemic sufferings, I am very much overjoyed at our SEE Graduates’ success with flying colors all over the country and welcome to United Academy (UA) as our prospective students. UA located at Education Hub of Lalitpur Metropolitan, Kumaripati is renowned as one of the best Centers of Excellence for Learning since its establishment in 1997. Continuously then, the flame of education has been igniting the hearts and minds of millions of our students.

While celebrating Silver Jubilee this year, UA has continuously been focusing on quality and excellence in education with discipline and holistic mental, physical and moral growth of students. As a result, our students are responsible and capable of facing 21st century’s challenges in life after the completion of their studies at UA in 100% success rate and they evolve as ‘self-made’ glocal (global + local) citizens.

This is so possible because our expert educators trained and educated in renowned institutions and universities of Asia, Europe and America from different faculty lend their helping hands, hearts and heads to our learners proactively ever.

Therefore, our institution today belongs not only to the local or national level but it also represents the global society. It is so because United Academy Group (UAG) offers a complete package of education from Pre-Primary to Post-Graduate level. We have Junior Wing comprising of United School and United Universal School up to SEE level, Senior Wing (United Academy +2 level with Science, Management and Humanities & Social Sciences) affiliated to National Examinations Board (NEB), Sano Thimi, Bhaktapur, and Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor in Arts (BA) and Master in Business Studies (MBA) affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Furthermore, United Academy for its global reach has already signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Kent State University, USA and St. Louis University, Philippines. Sooner or later thousands of our Unitedians will spread in global institutions, universities and market economies. The Academy’s global growth means our commitments to quality and excellence in education for our younger generations with sound discipline

Disciplined citizens are ‘self-made’, who follow the Rule of Law. So are Unitedians. Citizens following the Rule of Law as one of the eight pillars of Good Governance make good nations, first nations and prosperous nations. Our parents, guardians, students, and stakeholders are eyewitness or firm believers of ‘self-made’ citizens for 25 years steadily. My sincere thanks for being with us till this moment of Silver Jubilee and beyond lending each other’s helping hands, hearts and heads.





Dr Lal Rapacha, Post-PhD

Humboldt Fellow, AvH & National Geographic Explorer

The various programs at United Academy are as follows:

+2 Hotel Management

+2 Science

The Plus 2 Science program at United Academy provides foundational knowledge of the natural world of science and concepts of physics, chemistry and biology. It provides lessons from theoretical and practical perspectives in well equipped and maintained Science labs, latest technology and resources from experienced and qualified faculty. At United Academy there are two groups: physical and biological. There are also optional courses in Social Studies and Life education and Mathematics.

+2 Management

 United Academy offers a Plus2 Management course of the National Examination board with a wide range of knowledge and skills in areas of marketing, finance, accounting, human resource with analytical, problem solving skills from the study outcome. It will help to provide deeper understanding and roles of modern industries and business operations and further enhance teamwork and leadership abilities.

+2 Humanities

United Academy offers Plus 2 Humanities which delves into knowledge of human culture and existence and its surrounding environment from standpoints of arts, literature, philosophy, history, language, to be able to create a meaningful life and prevalence of social systems equitably.

+2 Law

United Academy offers a Plus 2 program in the Law field. It provides a base knowledge in real world situations with understanding of the legal system, laws and their areas, applications in property, environment and international scales. Nature of trails, court simulations, legal researches and theories in a comprehensive way in Grade 11 and 12.