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The United Technical College of Engineering (U-TEC) was established in 2009 AD (2066 BS). It is located in Bharatpur,Chitwan.This college is affiliated to Pokhara University.The primary ambition of the college  is to become one of the most outstanding  and excellent Institute in the Nation.U-TEC  invites the faculties from other renowned institutions to convey guest lectures to help the individuals to enhance their knowledge beyond the syllabus.

The  United College has gained  the opportunity  as the  centre of excellence in studies as  Pokhara University granted affiliation from March 2018, (i.e. Falgun 2074 BS) for running graduate course leading to MSc (Master of Science) degree in Construction Management (CM) at the same facility as mentioned in the website of the college.The U-TEC college assures the students for continuous commitment towards quality and excellence  in studies to make learning at U-TEC meaningful  and rewarding.

The United college offers various types of courses for Bachelor  such as Bachelor  in Civil Engineering, Bachelor  in Electrical & Electronics Engineering,Bachelor in Computer Engineering and MSc in Construction Management for Masters Level.The candidates eligible to apply for the course mentioned must be a high scool graduates in Science stream.The college offers infrastructures  with  morden equipment.

The  main aim of United Technical college is to provide successful Engineers,Mangers and Entrepreneurs  by educating them with proper knowledge and skills inorder to be socially responsible human beings of tomorrow.

Why United Technical College ?

The United Technical College of Engineering is  mostly known as (U-TEC), which was established in 2009 A.D.(2066 B.S) under private sector.The college is established with a group of farsighted professionals and academicians with the need for offering technical education outside the valley.The main aim of the United college is  to gain one of the most outstanding ans excellent educational Institute in the Nation.

This United college has been developed with the modern equipment and uplift the schoolars with the provision of upgrading the technological advancements.The college has a team of highly experienced, qualified and dedicated faculty members who have devoted their time for the educational as well as overall development of an individual.

Since the establishment the college has produced four batches of undergraduate engineers so far.The university gives the industry driven project works, research and development and the learning process is defined  according to the university inorder to enhance the academic quality of each individuals.The graduates who want to pursue degree in engineering with passion and confidence are provided with unconditional opportunities.

The United Technical college  believes that after graduating  graduates will be  technically flawless ,confident and have good leadership qualities.

The various programs at United Technical College are as follows:

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Are you interested in stepping ahead in the faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at United Technical College? Also get details on how this college helps a student in building conceptual, analytical and managerial skills.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Are you interested in stepping ahead in Civil Engineering? Study Bachelor of Civil Engineering from United Technical College and gain advanced knowledge and skills to become a successful engineer. Browse to learn more detail.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

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