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Valley College Of Technical Sciences

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The Valley College of Technical Sciences (VCTS) was founded in 2008 A.D. The institute has two courses in the Department of Public Health field and Department of Pharmacy. There are various institution providing different degrees, among the VCTS is chosen as the better destination for Pharmacy and Public Health Sector.

The main aim of the Valley College of Technical Science is to provide better quality learning in the field health science. The educational institution focuses on their students and their skilled career. The university is dedicated to deliver the world class schooling in medical education to assist in the quality of life of students.

VCTS generates a number of medical professionals who have gained practical as well as theoretical education. The students can achieve their goal and enhance their capabilities with the help of experimental resources for scientific improvement to discover in the new drugs.

Why Valley College of Technical Sciences ?

Valley College of Technical Science is chosen by a lot of students due to various reasons:
  • To generate the proficient medical professionals having practical based learning.
  • To enhance the capabilities of individuals through the experimental resources for scientific contribution to discover the new drugs.
  • To prepare the human resources for the industries, community healthcare sectors and research centers.
  • To develop the skilled persons for the maximization of patients’ response to drug related issue(s).
  • To build up infrastructural capacity of both faculty and candidates in technology to improve teaching and learning of medical science.
  • To carry out various training and research activities in the area of healthcare science and technology.

The various programs at Valley College of Technical Sciences are as follows:

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor in Pharmacy:

The Pharmacy is a course which is especially designed as per the requirement of pharmacy human resources in the existing situation of the country as well as in abroad to deliver the service of pharmacist in the industries, public sector, hospitals and health care outlets. The human resource projection report of Nepal Pharmacy Council also believes that there is need of large number of pharmacists in Nepal. As a result, Pharmacy program is basically in need and demand. The professional pharmacist is able to fulfill the need of technical pharmacist to overcome the current lackingof efficient manpower.

Scope of Pharmacy:

The Pharmacist professional can work as in the industries for manufacturing drugs, synthetic chemicals, cosmetics, soaps, toiletries, dental products, biotechnological product, veterinary medicine as well as Ayurveda, homeopathic and unani (URDU) medicines.

Eligibility for Admission:

Bachelor in Pharmacy:

The students applying for this course should have obtained at least 50% aggregate marks in intermediate in Science Stream or 50% marks in Certificate in Pharmacy or Diploma in Pharmacy with at least 60% marks as well as the students must pass the entrance exam given by the college.

Bachelor of Public Health

Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) is an undergraduate degree that prepares students to gain careers in the public, private or non-profit sector in the field of public health, environment health, health administration, epidemiology, nutrition, biostatistics as well as health policy and planning.

Scope of Public Health:

The people who are professionally trained in the public health can work in the field of public health sectors, community health services, INGO’s as well as government public health offices. The qualified graduate in Public Health can deliver scholarly leadership in the policy making level, regulatory affairs as well as quality service in health sectors and other related areas. The students will also have several opportunities for higher studies, training, research activities and consultancies.

The trained professionals are encouraged to have high demand to solve the existing and emerging provocation in the health as well as inter-related sector. The BPH program maintains a strong support to the students to achieve their career in governmental sector such as Department of Health (DOH) as health inspector, district supervisors, district public health officers, etc. Plenty of opportunities are available in both national and international organization which includes WHO (World Health Organization), UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), etc. Some other fields include private hospitals, education sector research institutions, consultancies as well as counselling centers.

Eligibility for Admission:

Bachelor in Public Health:

The student has to attain the intermediate in Science Stream (with Biology as major subject) or 50% marks in Competence Certificate Level in general medicine or any health science discipline or Diploma in Pharmacy with at least 50% marks and must pass the University Entrance Examination.