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Victoria International College

Contact Information

Phone: 01-082-560564 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

Victoria International College was founded in 2009. In the Mid-Western Region, it is the first management institution. It is located in the administrative center of Ghorahi City's Dang district. This institution was founded by the Gorkha Education Group and contains 114 former Gurkha soldiers (Lahures).

Gorkha International Public Higher Secondary School, Ghorag.hi-Dang, and Gorkha Higher Secondary School, Tulsipur-Dang, are the two higher secondary schools currently being administered by Victoria International College. In the Science and Management streams of 10+2 programs, there are almost 2500 students registered. Additionally, it has been organizing a BBA undergraduate program in the field of management and business education. Victoria International College has a vision for the development of the business and management sectors in the mid-western region.

Scholarships at Victoria College

The scholarship at Victoria International College are as follows:

  • Students with distinction in the 10+2 grade receive a 100% scholarship.
  • The entrance winner receives a full scholarship for the whole course.
  • The student who placed second in the entrance exam will receive a 50% scholarship.
  • The top student in the second semester will receive a 100% scholarship, according to the semester exam.


The facilities at Victoria International College are as follows:

  • The better learning environment, allows students to realize their potential.
  • Classes in multimedia presentations are offered so that students can learn visually and chart their course for the future.
  • At Victoria International College, students participate in assignments, project work, presentations, group discussions, seminars, and report writing exercises to expand their knowledge.
  • Field trips are offered as an additional source of knowledge.

Additional Information

Any student who is interested in continuing their education at Victoria International College must meet the requirements set forth by the institution. The student must have received at least a second division (45%) on any subject in intermediate or higher secondary school.

Following is the selection process for admission to Victoria International College:

  • First and foremost, the application form needs to be completed accurately and sent as soon as possible.
  • The pupils must then go through a written exam.
  • Only students who have earned a passing grade on the written exam are advanced to the next level, which involves a group discussion.
  • Furthermore, colleges do one-on-one personal interviews.
  • The admission fee and other paperwork must be provided after the process is complete.

For more information, Please contact Victoria International College.

The various programs at Victoria College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration is a four-year program under the affiliation of Pokhara University and is designed to produce competent professional in the field. Study Victoria International College and specialise in the field of business. For more details browse the link.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance

Are you interested in banking and insurance? If so, strive for a career in this field offered at Victoria International College and widen your knowledge regarding business administration and develop analytical and decision-making skills. Be a part of this college and initiate your first step.