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Vishwo Niketan science campus is a private teaching institute located at Tripureshwar, Kathmandu. The college was established in 2003 for imparting quality academic service to their pupils. Vishwo Niketan science campus has been imparting ISc course for long period of time. Vishwo Niketan science campus was also named as Model higher Secondary School in 2064 for its constant good results. Besides, Vishwo Niketan was able to get Higher Secondary Regional Awards in the year 2062 and 2065 for securing outstanding HSEB results.

Why Vishwo Niketan Campus ?

Vishwo Niketan science campus provides their students with wide range of modern facilities like standard science lab, rest rooms, canteen, separate departments for all subjects, music and dance classes for upgrading student’s inner talent, purified drinking water and many more. The best thing about Vishwo Niketan science campus is the teachers and the faculty members who are experienced, energetic and always there to solve student’s queries.

Scholarships at Vishwo Niketan Campus

Vishwo Niketan science campus has been proving its students with suitable scholarships as per the academic status of students every year. Vishwo Niketan science campus annually gives scholarship to their class 11 Board Exam in any faculty. Scholarships are provided to the students who are from government schools and marginalized communities as well.

Additional Information

For getting admission in + 2 science, students who have passed their SEE level with B+ grade are eligible.

The various programs at Vishwo Niketan Campus are as follows:

BSc Environmental Science

Students instrested in the branch of biology that are concerned with the relation-ship between organism and their environment, then B.Sc. Environmental Science in Vishwo Niketan Science Campus will be the right option for you. For more information click on the link.

+2 Science

Studying science in 11 and 12 is the brilliant decision for those who want to pursue their further studies after high school in science and technology. But it is also good for those who are not sure to take the right decision about their future instantly because those students can study science in their high school and change the stream when they get to bachelor level. 

Students will have to study Mathematics, Biology/Computer science, Chemistry, English and Physics in Grade 11 whereas they will have to study Nepali, Biology/Mathematics science, Chemistry, English and Physics.

+2 Humanities

+2 Management

Ongoing Admission
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