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Xavier International College

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Xavier International College was established in 2000 AD, situated in Kalopool, Kathmandu. Xavier International picked up a rapidly developing pace of education and made quite a name for itself. It is famous for making remarkable results for its students in such a short time. Xavier International College has been affiliated with Tribhuvan University and has been conducting many other academic institutes.

Why Xavier International College

Xavier International College has included a +2 level in science, management, and humanities. Along with that, it has also offered GCE A levels in both science and non-science faculties. Xavier International has also taken up the Bachelor of Science program in microbiology and environmental science.

Extra Information

Admission procedure at Xavier International College

The admissions process at Xavier International College has been completed through an application form. Interested candidates are required to fill out the form available at the college. Applicants must fill out the form with their details. The candidates must be SEE graduates for the submission of the form, and then they shall also appear for the entrance exam, through which the passed candidates will move on to have an interview with the concerned authority. After the payment of the fee, the applicant will be a student at Xavier International College. 

The various programs at Xavier College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS) degree in Xaviers International College has a multi-diverse aspect, it is not only popular among the passionate students but is armored with modernized curriculum, global acceptance and reach and most importantly it is affordable. For more information on the facilities and how Xaviers holds BBS program, Click the link forward.

Bachelor of Arts

Xaviers International College offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree that provides an opportunity for students to challenge perception and explore beneath the surface of your own society to encounter and generate innovative ideas. Click the link, if you are passionate about learning a new language, studying the great works of arts and literature.

Bachelor of Social Work

Are u interested in getting a professional degree that prepares students to help participate and involve actively in the relationship, work and community life and are also guided in such a way that they become the advocate for social and economic justice then Bachelor Of Arts(BA) degree in Xavier International College will be the right option for you. Click the link to get more additional information and details.

BSc Microbiology

Bachelor of Science(B.Sc)- Microbiology offered by Xavier International College is a 4year program which provides students with broad understanding of the biological sciences and provides individual with special skills in microbiology. For more information on the fee structure, admission procedure, academic requirements as well as career opportunities, browse the link forward.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Xavier International College offers a 4-year Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program in affiliation with Tribhuvan University (TU). This undergraduate degree covers essential topics in computer science, such as programming, database management, web development, and computer networks. The program aims to equip students with a strong foundation in computer science and practical skills applicable across industries. Graduates will gain professional expertise in computer systems, software development, and information technology.

BSc Environmental Science

Environmental education has experienced a surge in popularity among +2 students in recent times, emerging as their top preference. The global significance of environmental science has never been greater and is projected to continue growing. This course imparts knowledge about the far-reaching effects on the environment, the responsibilities that individuals and governments will bear in the future, and the potential contributions students can make to drive progress. Covering all aspects of environmental functionality, problems, and sustainable management methods, the curriculum is meticulously designed.

Master of Business Studies

The Master of Business Studies (MBS) is a 2-year undergraduate program by Tribhuvan University, Nepal. This comprehensive 4-semester course imparts a strong foundation in business and management principles. The curriculum spans diverse subjects including accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics, and organizational behavior. The MBS program readies students for successful careers in the dynamic business landscape by providing essential skills and knowledge.