Yeti International College

Contact Information

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Yeti International College was established in 2005 AD. This College was established with a vision of becoming a renowned educational institution that can secure all rounded cultivated environment for producing global citizens. This institute provides academic programs at the Bachelor and Master level of Tribhuvan University and Sripatum University of Thailand. The College Principal is Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jha. 


Yeti International College offers the following facilities for students:

  • Yeti student counseling services
  • Excellent career counseling and placements
  • Computer Lab and Internet
  • Information resource center
  • Reading lounge
  • Auditorium hall

Why Yeti Int'l College

Yeti International College stands out among other colleges due to the main reasons:

  • Academic Knowledge of International Standard
  • State of Art resources
  • Full-time and Visiting Faculties
  • Labs for Computer, Hotel Management
  • IT training
  • Nationally and Internationally recognized programs and University degrees
  • Professional Advancements
  • Impressive student-faculty ratio
  • Student-led clubs, activities, and events
  • Global connections

Scholarships at Yeti Int'l College

Yeti International College provides scholarships in academic programs based on students' outstanding performance and skills. Some of them are:

  • From 15% up to 100% Scholarship for BHM and BCA course. 
  • Kingster Scholarship

Principal Message

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

As the Principal of Yeti International College, I am honored to welcome you all to this vibrant academic community. Here at Yeti, we believe in fostering a culture of innovation, diversity, and excellence.

Our mission is to provide a world-class education that prepares our students for success in an ever-changing global landscape. Whether you are pursuing a degree in business, science, humanities, or any other field, we strive to create an environment that supports your academic, personal, and professional growth.

We are committed to providing our students with the best possible learning experience, and to achieving academic excellence through the highest standards of teaching, research, and innovation. Our faculty members are passionate about their fields of expertise, and they bring their expertise and experience into the classroom to help our students develop the skills they need to succeed.

At Yeti, we also recognize the importance of community and collaboration. We encourage our students to engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, and volunteer work, as we believe that these experiences help to build character, foster leadership skills, and create lifelong friendships.

I invite you all to be part of this dynamic community of learners and leaders and to embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Together, we can achieve great things, and I look forward to supporting you on your journey to success.


The Principal

Extra Information

The Sripatum University of Thailand is an ISO 9001:2000 certified College of Thailand that provides Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. The Founder of This University is Dr. Sook Pookayaporn. 5 programs which are MBA, BHM, BTTM, BA-Airlines Business Management, and BA-MICE/Event Management run at Yeti International College from the affiliation of this University with Yeti.

Scholarships at Yeti Int'l College

Yeti International College provides scholarships in academic programs based on students' outstanding performance and skills. Some of them are:

  • From 15% up to 100% Scholarship for BHM and BCA course. 
  • Kingster Scholarship

The various programs at Yeti Int'l College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

The Bachelor of Business Studies is a four years undergraduate program at Yeti International College. This program provides generic and business skills regarding business, industry and governance. It helps to build organizational and soft skills to become competant and responsible business Managers. It is provided from Tribhuvan University of Nepal. The BBS program of Tribhuvan University provide conjectural knowledge of business skills in fast paced global markets. It provides aptitude to become successful business Managers and Professionals. It is used in Banking and Insurance, Manufacturing and Service industries, Government, Entrepreneurship, Sales and Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

The Bachelor of Computer Applications is four years, eight semesters program of Tribhuvan university which produces qualified software developers, for solving computer based problems of different types of business and industries. The course helps to analyze, design, develop software or computer system, develop web, desktop, mobile based systems, gain upper hand in configuration and integration, resolve system related issues and intelligent information retrieval systems. The study of Bachelor of Computer Application program will help to produce professionals in fields of computer applications, knowledge of tools and techniques in software development, create solutions to technical problems, and foundation to study advanced courses in Masters level from this field.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration program at Yeti International College of Sripatum University Thailand is two years, four semesters 60 credit hours study program that provides knoweledge of modern organizations in areas of asset Management, corporate banking, strategic planner, fund manager, private equity, treasurer, stock holder perspectives. MBA program is 60 total credit hours of study program from Sri Patum University of Thailand which provides knowledge and business skills of Global business through qualitative and quantitative reasoning and applying the core business Principals to make strategic decisions. MBA program have basic courses of 6 credits, Compulsory courses 18 credits and Core elective courses 24 credits with specializations in Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Engineering Management, Logistic and supply chain Management, Finance, investment and insurance, modern organization Management, Transportation and international trade  and research Master thesis of 12 credits.

Bachelor of Arts Hotel and MICE Management

The BA Hotel and MICE Management program of Sripatum University at Yeti International College is for the real hoteilers who want to build skills of this business and human resource production who can apply the knowledge and skills in hospitality Management and MICE industry level. This is four year eight semesters program of 128 credit hours.

BA Airlines Business Management

The Bachelor of Arts Hons. Airlines Business Management is a four years, eight semesters program of 128 credit hours of Sripatum University. It provides knowledge in areas of business and economics to produce human resources in airlines and aviation industries. The graduates can integrate and apply latest technologies of the industry and can work fast track management trainee program of airlines industry to consolidate careers as airhostess, airlines ground staff, staff issuing ticket and reservations, airlines administrative support. BA Honors airlines business Management 128 credit hours, four years and eight semesters program of Sripatum University provides knowledge of aviation and airline industry business and skills of using latest technologies and services from career prospects of airlines ground staff, airhostess, ground staff, airlines administrative support and issuing ticket and reservations.

Bachelor of Arts Tourism and Mice Management

The BTTM or Bachelor of Arts Tourism and MICE Management of  Sripatum University is four years, eight semesters program of 128 credit hours. It provides critical thinking, problem solving and practical skills of travel and tours companies with skills and competancies to be a best guide, tour Manager, Brand Ambassador, for both private and public sectors. This program is advantageous for employment in various enterprizes who handle customers for travel, tours and arrangements related jobs. The BA Tourism and MICE Management allows to compete in global tourism through critical thinking, problem solving and practical skills.

Bachelor of MICE and Event Management

Bachelor of MICE/Event Management is four years eight semesters program offered by Sripatum University of Thailand. It provides skills for event industries, capability to integrate and apply latest technology, and be able to work as Event Managers, Planners, Public relations, Promotion and Management, Brand developers in the field of MICE and Event organizing. Yeti International College is best College for Management and IT and its Bachelor of Arts in MICE  and Event Management equips skills to take this dynamic commercial sector with large public relations, organizing events , planning weddings, sociable meeting, conferences and events in particular. From the study of four years, eight semesters program of Sripatum University stuents can qualify to enter these fields and work from assistance positions.