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Ace Institute of Management

Contact Information

Phone: 01-5970178 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

With a vision to enhance individuals' and institutions' potential, the Ace Institute of Management was founded in 1999 AD under Pokhara University. Since its inception, Ace has established itself as a leading educational institution with a strong vision and mission to improve the capacity of students and institutions in Nepal to participate in the development of the country. Most people consider Ace Institute of Management to be their top choice for a management degree.

Ace has two umbrella institutions:

  • Ace Institute of Management
  • Ace International Business School
  • Ace Institute of Management:

Established in 1999, Ace Institute of Management is one of Nepal’s top management colleges, offering graduate and undergraduate programs affiliated with Pokhara University, Nepal. It was the Ace Institute of Management that introduced the first executive MBA program in Nepal in 1999.

As one of the leading providers of management education in Nepal, Ace Institute of Management fosters an environment that nurtures growth and evolution into self-regulated, life-long learners, thoughtful, responsible individuals, and principled, innovative leaders who improve their society and the world at large.

Ace Institute of Management is considered one of the best providers of management education in the country. It has been ranked as the top business school in Nepal in several ratings and rankings done by different agencies in Nepal.

Ace is the top BBA and MBA college in the country and has a 6,000+ alumni network with distinguished alumni who hold key positions in organizations not only in Nepal but across the globe. Ace provides the best placement and entrepreneurial opportunities in the country.


Ace Institute of Management values those who are honest in their assignments and positive towards life. Only then will you see the pleasure of learning and use it for the good of people, and there is no doubt you can grab the success you dreamed of before you realize it. It encourages them to take responsibility for what they do and accept the mistakes they made while learning, and instead of regretting them, they assist them to learn from them and never make such blunders again. The precept of respect for others has given each individual a chance to earn respect for themselves. They are taught in such a way that they understand everything they learn and leave no doubt about any subject matter. Compared to them, the faculty members are equally enthusiastic about teaching as students are about learning. It's quite interesting that neither they get tired of questioning the things they do not know nor does the teacher get bored of answering them. Here, each individual is given the ability to lead their fate rather than be led by fate. So if you want to lead your destiny, be sure that it is the right platform for you. If you are a hard worker and have targets to fulfill, or if you are still in a dilemma, Ace Institute heartily welcomes each individual and promises to help them in their journey to discover their destined aim and aid them in getting it fulfilled.


  • Sharpen the knowledge and skills of individuals and organizations to contribute to the nation's development.
  • Promoting an environment where students learn the art of exploration will help them come out as successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers.
  • Teach the art of acquiring and optimum utilization of resources for promoting entrepreneurship and professionalism.

Why Ace Inst. of Mgmt. ?

Ace Institute of Management has been a pioneer and top provider of management education in the country. Ace broke new ground by launching the first executive MBA program in Nepal in 1999, the year of the establishment itself. In the same way, Ace also embarked on its journey with other programs like the BBA and MBA.

In all our programs, we place high emphasis on giving practical knowledge, skills, and external exposure to our students. We are deeply committed to promoting a learning environment where individuals rediscover themselves and learn to be thoughtful and responsible managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

In the 24 years since our establishment, the MBA and Executive MBA programs have acquired a distinguished reputation for being the most fulfilling experiences. Our BBA and BBA-BI (BBA in Banking and Insurance) programs are considered to be one of the best in the country, and the graduates are widely sought after in the employment market.

Ace is well known for providing transformational learning experiences. At Ace, we believe in bringing out the best in students through classroom learning and out-of-class experiences. Ace enjoys a distinguished reputation for adopting a student-centric and individualized approach. We focus on all-round development through a holistic approach to learning. Some key highlights of activities focusing on the holistic development of students are as follows:

  • Seminars, Workshops, and Guest Lectures

    Experts from the field of business and management, across different industries, are regularly invited to interact and impart their knowledge, skills, and expertise to our students. The objective of these seminars, workshops, and guest lecture sessions is to acquaint them with real-world business situations and to provide them with an understanding of how their learnings inside the classroom translate into application in the real world.

  • Business and Management Festivals

    Business and Management Festivals are held to provide students of not just Ace but across Nepal and beyond with a platform to exhibit and showcase their capabilities in administration, business, entrepreneurship, and management. Various sub-events incorporating elements of marketing, finance, human resource management, public relations, entrepreneurship, and current affairs are conducted. Some of the national and international-level management festivals held at Ace are Ardent, Spectrum, and Expressions.

  • Performing Arts and Culture

    Various events and activities, ranging from annual drama, an acoustic music festival, a fashion show, dance, singing, art and painting, press conferences, radio jingles, video advertisements, etc., are organized to provide a platform for our students to express their creativity and talent.

  • Tours and recreation

    International tours are organized for students to travel outside Nepal and experience international cultures, traditions, and people. National tours are also organized, where they travel and trek to different parts of the country and get to know Nepal more. Industrial tours are regularly organized where they are taken to different organizations and are oriented about the processes of production, supply chain, marketing, and selling of different products of those organizations.

  • Participation in international events

    The students of Ace participate in various international management and business events held outside Nepal to gain a wider and more international perspective on business and management practices. These events bring together students from different parts of the world and incorporate various competitive activities related to business and management.

  • Athletics and Sports

    The Sporting Event at Ace celebrates the sportsman spirit and competitive nature of every individual and team participating in various sports such as football, cricket, basketball, table tennis, badminton chess, etc.

  • Social Initiatives

    Ace conducts different social campaigns in collaboration with various social and health organizations. Blood donation campaigns are regularly organized. Various other programs are organized to spread awareness about different kinds of social issues. Moreover, fundraising campaigns are conducted aimed at assisting underprivileged people to receive medical and other forms of support.

Ace Student Clubs

Ace houses over a dozen student-led clubs where each individual can participate, keeping in mind their interests. The college encourages them to actively participate in the events and activities of their respective clubs so that they can bring in ideas that result in value for students and society at large. By enlisting themselves in one or more of the clubs, they have scope to explore their interests, develop leadership potential, and expose themselves to a wider network of like-minded individuals.

Existing student-led clubs:

  1. Communication Club
  2. Book Club
  3. Toastmasters Club
  4. Sustainability Club
  5. Music Club
  6. Finance Club
  7. Adventure Club
  8. Drama Club
  9. Marketing Club
  10. Social Club
  11. Sports Club

Ascend (Ace Startup Center):

Ascend is a go-to hub for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into action. Ascend is a safe space for entrepreneurs to launch, develop, and grow their business ideas. Ascend seeks to bring compassion, collaboration, and creativity by building a community of determined individuals.

Ascend helps passionate and budding entrepreneurs transform their ideas into strong, scalable, and successful startups.

What does Ascend do?

  • Pre-Incubation Program
  • One-One mentorship
  • Workshops Community Workspace

Placement and Career:

Since our inception for the last 24 years, Ace graduates have been among the most sought-after candidates in Nepal’s employment market. They have been placed in various organizations like banks and financial institutions, the FMCG sector, NGO's/INGO's, manufacturing organizations, service sectors, etc. in Nepal and abroad, which is a strong indicator of the quality of our graduates as perceived by the job market.

We have established a formal Placement and Career Cell at Ace, which focuses on activities related to placements, both on and off-campus. This will also serve as a one-window contact for any placement inquiries, both by students and potential employers. Interested employers can get in touch with us, and based on their queries, we can organize for them to participate in our career fair and other recruitment activities, including corporate presentations, CV screening, and job interviews.

Ace has been conducting the placement program three times a year. Placement Week allows them to sit for interviews for various positions available within the participating organizations.

Last year, a total of 109 organizations participated in the placement weeks held at Ace. In addition to this, as a continuation of Ace’s industry-academic collaboration, in the last year alone, Ace signed MoUs with 19 organizations from various industries.

Scholarships at Ace Inst. of Mgmt.

Merit and need based scholarships are available as per the scholarship policy at Ace Institute. The students can get in touch with the Admissions Office and the Office of the Student Services for details.


Ace Institute of Management has differentiated itself in various ways. The students will not only be involved in regular lectures and assignments, but they will also be organizing their events and participating in various in-house clubs. Moreover, to nurture their knowledge, Ace Institute also invites professionals for guest lectures and workshops.

The college realizes that it's not only good for individuals to focus on monotonous routines. To provide refreshments, it also organizes treks, tours, and industrial visits. Moreover, Ace Institute of Management has maintained a good relationship with plenty of big companies, which helps them recruit fresh talents from the college.

Additional Information

Admission Criteria:

The candidate wishing to enroll in any of our programs needs to clear the level before that with an aggregate of 45% and above.

Notable Alumni:

Name Program Year Occupation Testimonial
Vineet Kumar Agrawal MBA Fall 2007 Managing Director, Inter-tech Group of Companies After completing my MBA at Ace, I have redefined myself and become an Entrepreneur. Among many things that Ace has instilled in me, few always top my list, as Ace has taught me to embrace broader thinking, focus on prompt decision-making, create new ideas, and work towards adjusting in any situation, all of which always prove to be helpful, even today.
Chunky Chhetry EMBA 2008-2010 CEO, Sagarmatha Insurance Company Ltd. Ace is the college that enhances your skills and motivates you to share your best ideas inside and outside the classroom. Ace has allowed me to grow professionally in all aspects of my Life Journey. EMBA at Ace has helped me develop leadership skills as well as knowledge of ethical and socially responsible practices within organizations.
Subani Moktan Tamang MBA evening Spring 2010 Singer, Songwriter Subani is a singer, songwriter, and also a music arranger. Besides her independent music, Subani has given many playback hits. Her love for music is evident in the hard work she puts in to share her knowledge as a teacher at "Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory
Avash Ghimire BBA, Batch of 2008 Presenter/Producer/Commentator Paradygm TV I spent the best years of my life at Ace. It was in this very institution, where I got to push myself to strive for the best and realize, the sky is the limit.

The various programs at Ace Inst. of Mgmt. are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance

BBA-BI course at Ace Institute of Management is affiliated with Pokhara University with a total of 120 credit hours. This course aims to provide conceptual business and management knowledge, especially focusing on finance, banking, and insurance. It is a compulsion for the students not to only complete the set of subjects taught in the semester, but also to complete various projects, field works, and tasks assigned by the college to complete the BBA-BI course.
All the students will be facilitated by the college and are required to take part in an internship program that could last up to 8 weeks.

MBA - Master of Business Administration

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the Ace Institute of Management is a professional business course affiliated to Pokhara University. It takes at least 24 months for the students and they will be rewarded with the total of 66 credit hours after successfully completing the course. The students are required to take the mixture of foundation courses, analytical tool courses, concentration courses, capstone courses, and more.
This course will enhance the knowledge, skills, professionalism, and creativity of the students to challenge the current trends and concepts in this century of business world.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at Ace is designed to produce professional managers and entrepreneurs by providing students with a sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in various areas of business. The BBA degree is a four-year program spread over eight semesters. Students are required to enroll in 5 courses every semester, with each course consisting of a minimum of about 48 credit hours.

A Levels (Science and Non Science)

A level program of Ace Institute of Management is affiliated to Cambridge Assessment International Education. It is two years program with new learning approach using lectures, small group excercises, management games, project works, case studies, presentation, audio visual aid and curricular structure of academic and non credit courses. It provides contemporary knowledge of management, Information technology, law, Mathematics, English, Economics and Accounting papers.

GCE A Level Non-Science

Advanced Level (A Level) is an internationally recognized achievement at the secondary level. The University of Cambridge International Examination (CIE) is responsible for conducting examinations for A Level students. The course of ‘A Level’ is divided into two parts, and i.e. A1 and A2. After completion of A1 and A2 examinations, the student is rewarded with A Level full credit grade. A Level at Ace College focuses on equipping students with managerial and leadership skills. Furthermore, the college also offers non-credit courses to the students in broadening the knowledge of the students.

MBA Executive

Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) at Ace Institute of Management is affiliated to Pokhara University consisting of a total of 48 credit hours. This course is specially designed for professionals who want to achieve a dream of getting an MBA degree without leaving their full daytime job.
The program aims to enhance the professionalism of the students by providing them the knowledge of a wide range of managerial subjects, functions, challenges, and culture. The knowledge and skills gained while pursuing this degree can be easily used in the workplace.