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Academic Programs

  • MBA - Master of Business Administration
  • MBA Executive
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance
  • GCE A Level Non-Science
  • (Duplicate) Master of Business Administration(Executive)
  • A Level

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With a vision to enhance individuals and institution’s potential, ACE Institute of management was founded in 1999 AD under Pokhara University. Being the first one to offer executive MBA, ACE has created a history of successes in Nepal. Ever since the establishment ACE believed in work ready graduate who are in high demand in this competitive era. ACE envisions itself not only to offer a degree but a degree with up to date skills and knowledge which empower students to step out from the crowd. Graduates passed out from ACE Institute of Management are serving the nation through different organization they are involved in, are dignified to get a degree through this college that gave them chance to know their hidden talents. Most of the students rates ACE Institute of Management as the top choices for management degrees.

Including the core programs of EMBA and MBA, ACE Institute of management also offer highly demanded undergraduate programs like BBA and BBA-BI. By 15 years of experience,it has its graduates at work placement just after their graduation as the result of their dedication and tireless effort. With courses from A-Level to masters, ACE Institute of management tends to make student focus on their overall development rather than a mere degree. Just in six years, ACE A-level has set its own name in the educational field for its individual centered teaching method which focuses in management and social sciences stream.


ACE Institute of management values students who are honest in their assignment and positive towards life. Only then you will see the pleasure of learning and use it for the good of people and with no doubt you can grab that success you dreamed of before you realize.It encourages students to take responsibility of what they do and accept the mistake they had made while learning and instead of regretting they assist them to learn from them and never make such blunder next time. With the precept of respect for others has given our students a chance to earn respect for themselves. The students are taught in a way that they understand everything they learn and leave no doubt in any subject matter. Compared to students, the faculty members are equally enthusiastic about teaching as just as students are of learning. It’s quite interesting that neither students get tired of questioning the things they do not know nor teacher gets bored of answering them. Here students are given the ability to lead their fate rather than to be led by fate. So if you want to lead your fate  assure that it is the right platform for you. If you are a hard worker and have targets to fulfill or if you are still in dilemma this college heartily welcomes students and promises to help them in the journey to discover their destined aim and aid them to get it fulfilled.


  • Sharpen the knowledge and skills of individuals and organizations to contribute to the nation's development.
  • Promoting an environment to learn where students learn an art of exploration to help them come out as successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers.
  • Teach students the art of acquiring and optimum utilization of resources for promoting entrepreneurship and professionalism.

  • Ace Institute of Management

Principal Message

The founder of the Ace Institute, Ajay Ghimire, shares his struggle while starting the college in Nepal back in 1999 AD. Despite his struggle, he managed to launch higher education in management and MBA degree for professionals. He is very grateful to all the stakeholders for helping him in successfully operating the college. He puts emphasis on taking learning as a never-ending process, making classroom learning closely connected to the real-world environment, and asking students to be accountable for their learning. He is pleased to see his hard work paying off, as he sees his graduates making tremendous contributions to the society. However, he believes in not taking pride in his achievements.

Why ACE College ?

With a goal to bring out thoughtful and responsible managers, leaders and entrepreneurs, ACE was established. ACE focuses on entrepreneurship and professionalism; for that it provides full support to the entrepreneurs and professionals to get their desired effective route to acquire and manage their resources. ACE Institute of management feels that through knowledge anyone can achieve success in their life if given the right direction. So if you have that starvation for success ACE offers you the right path and direction. Adopting the beliefs of ACE shall make you feel worthy to success if followed with dedication. As everybody thinks and learn differently, ACE creates an environment such that everyone learns in an effective manner. Adoption of such teaching method has resulted the students to learn more which encourages them to keep learning in their life long journey and accomplish great victories.

ACE: A Great Platform 

Bounding students in their studies is not ACE’s style; it is all about leading students to a great platform where they can get exposure to the real world. Students get education which practically relates with life. Outings to spectacular places of nature or study related field visit to industries and business enterprises that brings refreshment in student as well as provide extra knowledge to their subject is kind of  norm. Moreover ACE facilitates students with career counselling as well so that they understand their career option. Besides there are many student clubs which might help students to develop their leadership skills and explore their inner self and its potential. Students can also indulge themselves in various events organized by the student clubs and show their hidden talents. Just like students the faculty member are also friendly who are always ready to help the curious minds of students.

For more diversified education of management also invite professors from colleges and universities of worldwide. Still you might have doubts on the purpose of your learning; so for that it brings forward the live examples of CEOs, senior managers and entrepreneurs who had applied the things they learned and as a result got to taste the fruit of success. This is not all; the college conducts internal workshops competition to national level competition where students get to prove their worth in national level.

Here is a list of features that differentiates ACE Institute of Management.

  • Corporate interactions and guest lectures
  • Workshops
  • Ace Fest (a mega event conducted every year where students can demonstrate their skills in various events, and there are many other programs, such as business quizzes, case analysis, management games, and so on.)
  • Expressions (an event with a budget of 2-3 millions NRS where hundreds of participants from various colleges compete in various competitions organized in the event)
  • Treks, Tours, and Industrial Visits
  • Student-led Clubs and Events

Academic Programs at ACE College

MBA - Master of Business Administration

Learn why to join ACE MBA, fees structure, course syllabus, admission process, eligibility criteria, career opportunities, student feedback and many other information.

MBA Executive

Read more on ACE College EMBA, fees structure, entrance. Know the details on why to study EMBA at ACE College by seeing the students feedback.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Read more on ACE College BBA program, fees structure of studying BBA at ACE, course syllabus of BBA, admission criteria, eligibility to study BBA. Moreover hear from the students itself what they feel about ACE BBA. 

Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance

Learn why to join BBA-BI at ACE College from student feedback. Know more about ACE College BBA-BI program fees, syllabus, admission process, eligibility criteria, entrance exam and other information.

GCE A Level Non-Science

Advanced Level (A Level) is an internationally recognized achievement at the secondary level. The University of Cambridge International Examination (CIE) is responsible for conducting examinations for A Level students. The course of ‘A Level’ is divided into two parts, and i.e. A1 and A2. After completion of A1 and A2 examinations, the student is rewarded with A Level full credit grade. A Level at Apex College focuses on equipping students with managerial and leadership skills. Furthermore, the college also offers non-credit courses to the students in broadening the knowledge of the students.

(Duplicate) Master of Business Administration(Executive)

A Level

Infrastructure & Facilities

Ace Institute has differentiated itself in various ways. The students will not only be involved in regular lectures and assignments provided by the students. They will also be organizing their own events, participating in various in-house clubs created by the students. Moreover, to nurture their knowledge, Ace Institute also invites professionals for guest lectures and workshops.

The college realizes that it's not only good for students to focus on monotonous routine. To provide refreshment to the students, it also organizes treks, tours, and industrial visits. Moreover, Ace Institute has maintained a good relationship with plenty of big companies, and it helps them to recruit fresh talents from the college.

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