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About the Program

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the Ace Institute of Management is a professional business course affiliated to Pokhara University. It takes at least 24 months to successfully complete the course, and the students will be rewarded with the total of 66 credit hours after the course completion. The students are required to take the mixture of foundation courses, analytical tool courses, concentration courses, capstone courses, and more.

This course will enhance the knowledge, skills, professionalism, and creativity of the students to challenge the current trends and concepts in the 21st century business world. There are two choices available to the students. One is a regular MBA course where students complete the course within 2 years.

The students are required to give more time to their regular studies. Another one is MBA evening, which is designed for professionals to get an MBA degree without sacrificing their career. It takes 32 months to complete MBA evening.


Admission process in MBA at Ace Institute of Management

You are eligible to apply only if you have completed at least 3-year bachelor degree with a minimum of 45% or 2 CGPA. If you've checked your eligibility, here is a detailed admission process.

  • Application form: Candidates are required to fill up an online application form. Application processing fee costs Rs. 1,500. With the submission of the application, they must also provide copies of academic certificates and two passport size photos.
  • Computer Based Entrance Test (CBT): The time and date will be provided by the college for CBT. The English Language Aptitude Test and Quantitative Aptitude Test are included.
  • Essay: After successfully clearing the CBT, you are required to submit an essay on the topic provided by the college.
  • Interview: Finally, the interview will be the concluding admission process where they will check out your attitude, skills, and knowledge.

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