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BHM Colleges in Biratnagar

Biratnagar has some reputed Colleges and their own University called Purbanchal University where students go to pursue their academic degrees. For Hotel Management studies also there are some Colleges that are accredited nationally and internationally and provide a quality education according to the course designed by the Universities. Here are list of good BHM Colleges in Biratnagar which are:

1. ISMT College

ISMT College was established in 2011. Students of this College get International degrees from the United Kingdom that open doors for a rewarding career. Their Bachelor of Science Honors in International tourism and hospitality Management is tailored with studies of planning and managing an event, food, and beverage production, hospitality service delivery, accommodations and front office operations. This program is for three years under the semester system. Total credit hours of this program is 360.

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2.SASTHM College

It is located at Biratnagar Morang. Its mission is to harmonize discipline, education, and employment. This College has earned a good recognition with the BHM program which is the academic program in the hospitality field. It is a four years eighth semester program with internship and thesis work. It also provides opportunities for international internships. SASTHM College is affiliated with Purbanchal University.

3. Purbanchal University School of Management

It is the first constituent Campus of Purbanchal University. It was earlier known as the Management Campus. The Bachelor of Hotel Management of Purbanchal University School of Management is a four years course and altogether 144 credit hours. This program also allows internship opportunities with electives in Casino Management or airlines service Management.

4. AIMS College

AIMS College at Biratnagar is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. The motto of this College is Aspire your dreams. This College is driven by a team of dynamic, well known experienced academic professionals. The Bachelor of Hotel Management program meets the academic requirements with practical training to meet supervisory level in the area of hotel and catering operations.

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5. Himalaya Darshan College

Himalaya Darshan College is located on the main road Biratnagar. It is a four years eight semesters program affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It gives the knowledge and necessary skills to students who can use them during their jobs in Hotels, restaurants, sales, tourism industry, and entire Management. In this program there are eight semesters with courses on Cultural resources of tourism in Nepal and Quality Management.

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