Top BMT College in Nepal

Overview of BMT Colleges

The Bachelor of Media Technology (BMT) program provides knowledge and concepts of technology that are used in analyzing, producing, distributing, and generating interactive media. There are only two BMT colleges in Nepal offering this course that are affiliated with national and international universities.

PU affiliated BMT Colleges in Nepal

Purbanchal University (PU) offers four years Bachelor of Media Technology (BMT) program to the affiliated Colleges. It consists of eight semesters and provides an understanding of the media industry as well as social, communication, legal, and technological information. A variety of internship opportunities in the media business and on other digital platforms are included in the program.

Foreign Universities affiliated BMT Colleges in Nepal

London Metropolitan University (LMU) offers three years program called Bachelor of Science Honors in Multimedia Technology from Islington College, Nepal. This program provides technical knowledge on the multimedia industries regarding VFX, animations, textures, web and mobile app design, rendering, sound, and music production studies. It is 360 credit hours of study program.