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Islington College

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Established in 1996, Islington College has evolved as a leading brand in the field of IT and Business Education. The exceptional degree programs are offered in direct partnership with London Metropolitan University, UK. This academy offers Bachelors's and Masters's programs in Information Technology and Business Administration. They have been providing all the necessary skills that an individual requires to achieve success through an updated course that will benefit in developing those ideas and implementing them in real life. They endeavor their journey focusing on maximizing their potential and meeting their ambition with an assurance to enhance technical competencies.

Islington College provides both bachelor's and master's program which includes BBA, Bachelor's Degree in Computing, Bachelor's Degree in Computer Networking and IT Security, Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Technologies, and a Master's Degree in Information Technology (Msc. IT).


  • Computer labs, Lecture Theatres, Seminar Halls, Discussion Rooms, spacious Learning Zones, Workshop Rooms, and library are available.
  • Transportation and Cafeterias at affordable prices,
  • IT Events are organized including extra curriculum programs and technological events,
  • Internal assessments and presentations are conducted regularly to improve student skills,
  • 400 Mbps Internet speed,
  • Broadest parking space accommodating 1000 two-wheelers,
  • A very friendly and peaceful environment is maintained.

Why Islington College

Islington College has been challenging and developing shy-high school graduates into professional leaders. Their winning culture defines the attitude and behavior which is required to make the vision a reality. Adding to that, the teaching methodology is completely different; students are taught practical skills along with strong theoretical knowledge. Islington College nourishes its students with the help of experts and guides them to experience industry-relevant vibrancy in terms of their module learning. This will help everyone to cultivate and develop a structure of competence, knowledge, and individuality assisting them to fit in the future world.

Scholarships at Islington College

Students with great academic performance in course study, as well as extracurricular activities, are provided a range of scholarship programs at Islington College.

Principal Message

Mr. Sulav Budathoki, the Chairman mentions the innovative approach that Islington College has been offering to provide learning beyond textbooks and classrooms engaging the mind, body, and spirit of their students. This academy remains on nurturing talent through an unwavering drive towards quality excellence being committed to excel in the culture of collaboration in the competitive employment market. The wide range of modern facilities and recreational activities portray the vibrant university life at Islington College. They have been instilling in students a passion to learn and excel; preparing them to face the ultimate challenges in the real world.

Extra Information

Admission Procedure

  • Counselling is done via a team of personal academic advisors and a team of experienced students to provide a better understanding of the courses available.
  • Application form is to be issued with a nominal fee and submitted along with recently passed higher education (NEB or A level), evidence of English language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL), and a copy of citizenship certificate.
  • Acceptance or rejection will be in the hand of London Metropolitan University within 3-5 days.
  • Registration should be done after receiving evaluation results from University within 5 days and will inform via email or phone

Scholarships at Islington College

Students with great academic performance in course study, as well as extracurricular activities, are provided a range of scholarship programs at Islington College.

The various programs at Islington College are as follows:

BSc (Hons) Computing

This programme provides general education in the field of computing. It has been designed for those students who aspire to specialise in development and maintenance of modern computer-based systems. This module covers four distinct areas; Software Development, Information Systems, networks, distributed systems and Internet computing systems. This module focuses on technical and non-technical skills which being required for a graduate to demonstrate their professional attitude and work successfully in the above mentioned areas.

BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technologies

Over the past few years, demand in the field of Multimedia is increasing in a biblical ratio as its presence has become a crucial part in life successful enough to always amuse, entertain and educate people. In this module, students’ creativity is implemented on modelling, animation and lot more. Islington College offers B.Sc.(Hons) in Multimedia Technology that paves path for graduates as audio Engineers,Digital Video Producers, Video Compositor, Interactive writer Multimedia Designer, Web Developer, Web content producer etc. For successful enrollment students must have cleared NEB 10+2 with CGPA 2.2 (55%) above, 60% grade above in English ,50 percent above in Mathematics or A level pass with grades A to minimum C. 

Entire course is for three years with Spring and Autumn semesters intake.

Bachelor (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

Bachelor of Arts Hons. Accounting and Finance is a three year program at Islington College affilited to London Metropolitan University. This program helps to analyze accounting and finance problems to develop competencies to work in a professional line as tax consultant and executive, Management Accounting Analyst, Financial planner, stock trader, trainee Accountant, Fund accountant, Business performance analyst with the knowledge and practical work studied in this academic program. 

Bachelors in Business Administration (International Business)

The main objective of this program is gaining knowledge about competing with international business and global markets by analyzing their intellectual and quantitative skills. It helps to enhance ones learning and personal development by exploring the current scenarios in global business environment. At Islington College this program run for four years. The studies of this program will help in career advancements in International Business as an Operation Manager, trade specialist, import/export coordinator, Sales executive, Foreign service Officer etc. The graduates will get opportunity to work in top companies with higher payscale.

Bachelor in Business Administration (Events & Tourism Management)

The Bachelor of Business Administration with specialization in Events and tourism Management is a four years program that highlights elements of events and tourism Management with practical experiences, recruitment process, tackling feedbacks for readiness into Professionalism  such as Event Manager and executives, hotel manager and executives, Conference executives and Managers for hosting major events.

BSc (Hons) Computer Networking & IT Security

The complication of Computer Networking & IT Security and the severity of security challenges that the world is facing today requires a background comprised of multiple courses from basics to specialised modules. The programme that Islington College offer students with an extensive grounding in traditional network and security protocols as well as the preparation for technologies such as wired and wireless networking, VOIP, virtualisation and others only now emerging. London Metropolitan University is a certified Cisco Academy, and one of the very few places in the UK which has been certified by Cisco Systems to provide both CCNA and CCNP training. This will put our graduates ahead by having some of the most sought-after professional qualifications in the industry.

MSc IT & Applied Security

MSc IT programme at Islington College allows students to shape their theoretical, technical and practical competencies which being obligatory in this current area of economic growth. We offer specialisation in Data Analytics and Computer Networking & Cyber Security. This initiating opportunities to educate and enhance skills in academic environment by completing a work experience programme.

Bachelor in Business Administration (Digital Business Management)

Bachelor in Business Administration with specialization in Digital Business Management is a four years program of London Metropolitan University at Islington College. The studies of this program builds aptitude for digitization of business with topics of Digital business Management, Digital Marketing, Big data, Artificial Intelligence. 

Bachelor in Business Administration (Advertising and Marketing)

This is a four years Bachelor in Business Administration program of London Metropolitan University that provides career oriented learning outcome in aspects of modern advertising, marketing and communications, public relations. The graduates of this program can work as Brand Managers, Media Coordinator, promoter, international marketing officer.

BSc (Hons) Mobile Application Development

Bachelor of Science Hons.Mobile app development is a three years program in which students learn to develop software applications, application development iOS and android mobile devices, cloud computing and internet of things. This course is designed by London Met. University 

Bachelors in Accounting and Finance