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Established in 1998, the College of Applied Business was founded by a team of well-experienced academicians and professionals. The college is a non-profit educational institution run by a highly professional and skilled teaching team that is committed to quality education. The College of Applied Business believes that skilled and excellent manpower are the overall requirements for the nation’s development. The college is affiliated with the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) and Tribhuvan University (TU). The College of Applied Business has been adopting suitable modules and methods in teaching to make the learner competent in their related field. The college regularly organizes seminars, research, and observation tours that help individuals enhance their knowledge and personalities. Currently, the College of Applied Business has signed the TCA (Transfer Credit Agreement) with The State University of New York (SUNY), which provides a new opportunity to its students who desire to transfer to The State University of New York at Plattsburgh to get US education up to 60 Cr/Hr.

The college at present offers the Intermediate (+2) program under the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) and undergraduate (Bachelors) programs affiliated with Tribhuvan University, which include BBA, BIM, BBS, and BSc. CSIT.

Mission and goals

CAB operates with a mission to empower the younger generations with the knowledge, truth, and realities of life to help them achieve a prosperous life. The goals of this college are to make candidates feel like part of the family, to provide equal opportunity regardless of their culture, beliefs, and race, and to provide a better educational environment and instructions to the learners.


  • The classrooms of the College of Applied Business are student-friendly, spacious, well-furnished, airy, and specially designed for interactive learning.
  • The college has two well-equipped computer labs with sufficient numbers of computers and internet facilities.
  • The college has a well-managed library facility with a number of course and reference books, professional journals, and research reports published throughout the nation.
  • The College of Applied Business also has sports facilities such as basketball, table tennis, badminton, etc. Sometimes other recreational activities are also organized.
  • The college has a small canteen that serves healthy and clean foods, as well as western-style lunches like cheese pizza, cheeseburgers, or vegetable foot long.
  • The College of Applied Business has the facility of transportation for the students who have hard access to the college.

Why CAB College

The college applies various methodologies to deliver essential knowledge and skills to the candidates. The teaching methodologies include seminars, guest lectures, research and industrial tours, regular lectures, and more to equip students with all the necessary skills and knowledge to make them competent in this modern world. All the classrooms are kept small by the college to make sure there is two-way communication between the learners and the teachers.

There are numerous other reasons to choose the College of Applied Business. The college places a lot of emphasis on the practical aspects of education. It does not run regular classes for 6 days a week, but instead, it only runs its classes for 4 days a week with a maximum of 3 classes. The rest of the time is spent by the individuals learning extra skills. The cost of pursuing a degree is relatively cheaper at the college, despite its top-quality education.

There are many experienced teachers and professionals in the college to guide and counsel the students to clear their confusion. All the necessary facilities are provided by the college, such as a cafeteria, library, internet, laboratories, and more. The deserving individuals can also get a principal scholarship, and this is done to motivate the pupils. Some pupils may get a partial fee waiver, whereas others may get a full fee waiver.

Scholarships at CAB College

Principal Message

Ramesh Pandey, the principal and a well-known accounting guru, shares his message with the students. The college wants to make individuals active until their old age to make them contribute to society for a long period of time. The college does not only educate the learners with the subjects mentioned in the course, but it also provides them with all the other necessary skills to face global challenges.

Extra Information

Admission Procedure

  • The students wishing to join the College of Applied Business will have to take the college entrance exam on the date mentioned by the college. After the entrance exam, the selected individuals have to go through an interview conducted by the college. In the end, only eligible students from both the exam and the interview will get admission to the college. Students interested in joining before their results of the previous exam can also take the entrance test, and the entrance test of those students will be valid if the result of their previous examinations is submitted before the last date of admission.
  • The candidates who are selected after the entrance exam and interview must pay annual bills and deposits, register their names before the time mentioned in the academic calendar, and after that, the remaining seats will be allocated to the applicants on the waiting list.

The various programs at CAB College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

College of Applied Business(CAB) has been running Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) very efficiently that stresses academic excellence as it makes a great effort for continuous improvement in learning. BBA degree at CAB gives an opportunity to students at achieving middle-level managerial status with a job that gives high wage. For more information, click the link.

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor Of Business Studies(BBS) in College of Applied Business(CAB) guides students to make their range of interest more well founded or genuine.For more information on how CAB handles BBS to make their student as professionals, click on the link. 

Bachelor of Information Management

College Of Applied Business offers students with 4years of an undergraduate course in Information Technology affiliated with Tribhuvan University named as Bachelor in Information Management. BIM is a coordinated course with a mixture of different management education with recent developments in IT. For more information, browse the link forward.

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology(B.Sc.CSIT) has been relatively a new program to College of Applied Business(CAB) for the students having science as a major program in plus two(+2) or PCL or complement. For more information on the fee structure, academic requirement, admission procedure, career opportunities and other details, clink the link.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

+2 Management