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Infrastructure University Colleges in Nepal

Infrastructure University in Kuala Lampur have pathway programs to foreign institutions with a list of partner Universities from U.K, China, Netherlands, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia from which credit transfers are accepted. It has world affiliations with 27 institutes in China, 7 Colleges in India, 6 Colleges Indonesia, 1 College Vietnam, 2 Colleges in Japan, Bangladesh and Cambodia, one College each in Somalia, Mauritius, Oman, Egypt, Pakistan, Italy, Australia, Netherland, Scotland, Canada, Finland, Ireland and United States of America, likewise four Colleges of the United Kingdom, three Colleges of Kazakhstan. In Nepal the Colleges that are affiliated to Infrastructure University are Southwestern Center for research and Ph.D. studies, Himalayan College of Management, Sunway International business school, and Palpa International College of Management and Information Technology.

The list of colleges affiliated to Infrastructure University are listed below.