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About the Program

MSc IT programme at Islington College allows students to shape their theoretical, technical and practical competencies which being obligatory in this current area of economic growth. We offer specialisation in Data Analytics and Computer Networking & Cyber Security. This initiating opportunities to educate and enhance skills in academic environment by completing a work experience programme.

This programme is designed to prepare IT professionals with latest technologies and skills which being a key area in the field of Data warehousing, Big Data, Cyber Security, Digital forensics, Security Auditing and Data Visualisation. This course helps students to mould their career in two distinct areas; Data Analytics and Computer Networking & Cyber Security.

Data Analytics

This programme allows students to merger and analyse large volume of business centric data to create visualizations and communicate insights for strategic decision-making to achieve an edge over competition.

Computer Networking and Cyber Security

This programme equips students with the knowledge to assess, build and manage capabilities of cyber security and architect solutions to respond to incidents and crisis in the Global IT structure.


  • Candidates should have completed a Bachelor’s degree related to IT (preferably in Computer Science, Information System, Information Technology (IT) Engineering, Science, etc.); taught and assessed in English.

            - For UK University graduates: 2:2 or equivalent

            - For other University graduates: GPA 3.0 or equivalent

  • English Proficiency requirement:

    - Pass in LondonMet’s Oline English Test (to be administered before the admissions at Islington College) or 6.0 and above in IELTS with a minimum score of 5.5 in each  component.



Cases not fulfilling the aforementioned criteria shall be dealt by the University in a case-by-case basis.

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