MBA Result 2023 Published - Pokhara University

Pokhara University recently published its MBA result 2023 on Monday, September 18, 2023. The PU faculty of management has shown all concerns to the selected students.

The information is related to the MBA result of postgraduate programs run under the PU faculty of administration. Moreover, it is the latter-day outcome of the Master Level Scholarship Examinations of MBA/MBA-Finance and MBA-Global Business.

All applicants should remember their registered roll number and respective names to find out their marks obtained.

The MBA program is intended to bring about corporate change in Nepal by developing individuals into skilled managers, executives, and entrepreneurs who are capable of changing into effective agents of change in the business and social worlds.

The curriculum focuses on candidates' social and developmental outlooks, as well as appropriate skills in analysis, decision-making, execution, the top brass, and collaboration.

Each curriculum in the program is granted a set number of credits based on the amount of lectures, tutorials, and practical work hours completed in a week. One accredit is granted for one lecture hour per week every trimester.

A three-merit hour syllabus, for example, includes 36 contact hours. MBA students must complete 27 courses, as well as four practicums and graduate seminars (for a total of 66 merit hours).

Candidates must complete seven groundwork and analytical skills programs (18 accredits), ten core and functional courses (20 credits), two capstone studies (6 merits), and four sole curriculum (8 hours).

Also, there are two optional courses (4 accredits), a graduate thesis or dissertation, an apprenticeship, conferences, and other assignments for selected applicants.

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