TU informs of UNESCO Russia Mendeleev International Prize in Basic Sciences

The third UNESCO Russia Mendeleev International Prize is calling for nominations in the basic science field. This prize is in the name of recognition for the remarkable contribution of the scientist Dimitri 1, Mendeleev who developed the periodic table. This prize is awarded to two distinguished scientists in recognition of their achievement in the development, diffusion, and international cooperation in basic sciences. The Prize Winner receives 250000 USD as a financial reward with gold medal and certificate. Nominations can be given in Government of Member states in consultation with national Commissions, Non-government organization in partnership with UNESCO, UNESCO chairs, Category2 center in auspice of UNESCO, international scientific unions, and Universities. Application submission deadline is 15 March 2024 through a dedicated template via webpage of the prize and must be completed in English and French. Tribhuvan University has informed of this prize and asked to do needful for those who meet the above requirements.