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About the Academy:

AHA, the American Hospitality Academy, is a renowned institution empowering emerging global leaders. Since 1986, AHA has provided exceptional internships and job placements in luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. With specialized courses tailored for the hospitality industry, AHA enhances knowledge, skills, and talent for today's interconnected world. AHA stands out as a unique platform for aspiring professionals in pursuit of excellence in hospitality.

AHA implements transformative initiatives like BridgeUSA internships, Trainee programs, and Summer Work opportunities with a steadfast commitment to global upliftment. AHA fosters personal growth, cultivates global understanding, and drives positive change and stands uniquely as a catalyst for students, professionals, and organizations.

What is BridgeUSA?

BridgeUSA stands as a remarkable program that transcends borders, providing participants with an immersive journey into the essence of the American Dream. By acknowledging the richness of diverse backgrounds, races, ethnicities, cultures, and traditions, BridgeUSA empowers individuals to delve into their multifaceted selves and embrace the aspirations intertwined with American culture. Its exceptional purpose lies in inspiring participants to emerge as global leaders, utilizing their experiences to ignite meaningful change on a global scale. BridgeUSA fosters a transformative path towards personal growth and international impact.

Why Choose?

BridgeUSA stands out as a transformative choice. While it has a deadline, its cultural interchange fosters lasting relationships. Completing the program leaves an indelible impression on students, shaping their understanding of American culture and values. Engaged participants develop talents to excel in any pursuit, becoming true global leaders driving positive change.


AHA BridgeUSA embarks on a remarkable mission to weave transformative change through the vibrant threads of cultural and professional diversity. Its exceptional programs offer students unparalleled opportunities to broaden their global knowledge and skill sets. AHA's unwavering commitment to fostering international goodwill and deepening mutual understanding prioritizes the cultivation of a global awareness that transcends boundaries. With its visionary outlook, AHA BridgeUSA propels individuals towards a future where the harmonious tapestry of cultural exchange and profound understanding flourishes.

Core Values of AHA:

AHA stands apart with a mission deeply rooted in a distinctive set of core values. These values, including respect and understanding, trust and integrity, passion and positivity, people and connections, commitment, and excellence, form the compass that guides AHA's journey. Recognizing the significance of these values in navigating life's complexities, AHA creates an environment that nurtures personal growth, empowerment, and the development of extraordinary individuals. By upholding these unique principles, AHA fosters a culture of excellence and inspires its community to reach their fullest potential.

AHA BridgeUSA radiates brilliance with its exceptional programs in three distinct segments: Intern Training, Work & Travel, and Host Employers. For more than 25 years, AHA has fostered powerful connections among global leaders, nurturing profound cultural interchange. Driven by its mission, AHA passionately promotes education, cultural integrity, and understanding, igniting a transformative sense of interconnectedness. Through its innovative initiatives, AHA empowers individuals to embrace a truly unique global community, where borders fade and unity prevails.