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Phone: 01-4467922 | Email: apex@apexcollege.edu.np | Website: www.apexcollege.edu.np

Established in 2000, Apex College is affiliated to Pokhara University. This College provides top-class education for knowledge and skills acquisition to match up with the expectations of the emerging global market. I offer a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Studies in Banking and Insurance, and Bachelor of Business Studies in Travel and Tourism. It also runs Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Business Administration Evening MBA courses in the Masters Program. 

The employees are highly capable and distinguished faculty members for maintaining excellence in delivering education to its students. To add with that, the friendly and co-operative behavior of staff and management team  has always maintained a healthy environment between college and students. It gives its attention to providing quality education in a friendly environment that encourages students to achieve excellence in their field. Thus, in every aspect, the teaching methodology, learning environment, the physical infrastructure has marked Apex as among the top-class educational institution in Nepal.

Principal Message

At Apex, students get the opportunity to develop skills, learn and shape their personality to pursue the career in demand and to meet the expectations of the job market. The college doesn’t just assist its pupil to achieve good grades but also helps them with placement following the completion of the course. Apex Career Services is responsible for preparing students for careers and jobs through various training and development programs.  Moreover, the college motivates its students to serve society in as many ways as possible. They are involved in different types of social projects, including cleaning rivers, blood donation, and helping/supporting elderly homes.

Why Apex College ?

It has sketched its own goals, defined its mission, and worked on its strategies through the years for achieving academic excellence in the college. Apex aims to develop visionary and insightful leaders who can transform organizations and society positively. The strong focus of this college is not only to educate with the knowledge in books but to build its students with pre-determined skill sets required to meet the challenges of the business world. With the guidance of the missions, It is continuously “enforcing” towards inspiring and aspiring the students to be principled and insightful achievers of this dynamic business and society.

The policies, academic programs, systems, and environment are geared toward the overall development of students’ personalities and getting them ready for life. Apex College continues to add value to the existing academic programs by dynamically taking numerous measures. The students get the opportunity to experience transformation through the optimum utilization of the college's academic resources.

Apex also pays special attention to their students for career development so that they can make a good position in modern organizations in the future. The college pays more personal attention to the student’s career goals that contribute to their success. It provides many opportunities to their student. The credit also goes to The Board of Directors team who are very experienced academicians responsible for a significant role in the success of this institution.

As an institution, the college team is motivated and driven by some major values for inspiration and influence in everything. They are:-

  • Integrity – personal integrity and responsibility for effective leadership
  • Excellence – on a continuous pursuit for the excellence in everything we do
  • Respect for individual and intellectual differences
  • Diversity and inclusiveness – diversity of culture and opinion in society to understand each other and expand horizon
  • Global Perspective – encouragement of college community and roles to stay together and updated

Scholarships at Apex College

The merit-based scholarships are to encourage bright and deserving students to healthy competition among themselves for academic excellence. In each undergraduate program, at least 5% of students in every semester receive Apex Merit scholarships from the very beginning. This scholarship provides a certain amount of tuition discount to students based on their academic performance. Similarly, one student receives a full scholarship in the MBA program.

Note: During the academic year 2013-14, over 255 students received the Apex Merit Scholarships. 52% of the total students receiving scholarships are females.


It has one of the best educational infrastructure and facilities in the nation. There are enough buildings with comfortable classrooms, resourceful and hi-tech laboratories supported by 24-hour backup connection, a well-stocked library with online surfing and book reservation system, and a modern auditorium. Moreover, the library comprises of printing and Electronic resources, and a separate wireless internet service. Apex College has provided a wireless network where student can hook up their mobile computing units with the college network.

Apex Computing Center (ACC) – comprises 7 laboratories including Digital systems, Microprocessors, and computer network labs, having approximately 150 computers having the latest configuration, recognition from Educational Testing Service (ETS), USA.

Events and Activities:

Apex College holds many events as well as academic programs annually. It organizes different types of activities and events on and off campus all round the year. Some of the events organized are:

  • Orientation
  • Apex SMART
  • Apex Talks Management Program (ATMP)
  • Apex Day/ Sports Week/  Film Festival/ Smile Culture
  • College to Corporate
  • Apex for Society

Advantage of studying at Apex College:

  • Rich student-faculty ratio
  • Apex Student Counseling & Career Services
  • Students’ life, clubs and events
  • Teaching Learning Methodologies

The various programs at Apex College are as follows:

MBA - Master of Business Administration

Learn why to join MBA at APEX College, fees structure, admission seats and process, eligibility criteria, career opportunity, facilities and other details. Moreover, you can directly hear the feedback why to study MBA at Apex college from student.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance

Are you interested in joining BBA-BI program at APEX? Browse more to know what career opportunity Apex provides its BBA-BI graduates. Hear from students its about BBA-BI program at APEX. Moreover, you can browse the above link to know its fees structure, admission, entrance and other information.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Travel and Tourism

If you are interested in joining BBA-TT program at APEX, you can browse the above link to know its fees structure, admission, entrance and other information.

Bachelor of Computer Information System

Are you concerned in joining BCIS program at APEX? Suscribe more to know what career opportunity Apex provides its BCIS graduates. Also, you can directly hear the feedback why to study BCIS at Apex college from student.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Find out why to join BBA at APEX College. Know the details about its fees structure, admission requirements and procedures, eligibility criteria, career opportunity, infrastuctures and other info.

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