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About the Program

Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS) at Apex College is affiliated with Pokhara University. It is basically a 4-year course with a total of 124 credit hours. This program is a unique blend of management and computer information technology. BCIS will equip you with the knowledge and skills required for analyzing, designing, and developing the system for the business houses. The students after completion of this course will be capable of solving modern day business problems with the use of information technology.

Moreover, the course also contains various management subjects, and it will help them to communicate with others, and organize themselves in a better way. What it does to the students is that it will make them able to understand both IT and management terminologies in a better way, making them a competent employee. After the completion of this course, the student can opt for either management positions or they can pursue their career in various IT positions like the system analyst, programmer, Database Administrator, and so on.


Admission Process in BCIS At Apex College

It is not like you get an instant admission into the college. The Apex College gets applications from various students willing to get an admission in the college. To choose the best out of the rest, there is a systematic admission process in the college.

  • Application form:The College announces “Admission Open” through various mediums at first. You are required to fill out the application form to be considered for the admission.
  • Entrance exam: After reviewing all the application forms, the students will be provided with the date and time for the exam. Your quantitative, logical reasoning and verbal skills will be tested in the examination.
  • Interview: Some students will be left out after the written exam. In case you get through the written exam, you will be considered for the interview. The interview will be taken by the faculty members to test out your skills, knowledge, attitude, and overall personality.
  • Admission: If your performance is acceptable in all the phases of admission, the faculty members will consider you for the admission in the college.

Please note that you will have to go through some competition to get an admission in the college. 

Scholarship in BCIS at Apex College

There is a possibility of getting partial or complete tuition waiver on the basis of merit. The percentage of tuition waiver depends on your academic performance, and you should be able to maintain the performance. 

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