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Interested in joining MBA at Apex College? If so, read why students can join MBA at Apex.

Apex College offers one of the best Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degrees in Nepal. MBA is a professional master’s degree course, which aims to transform an individual into a charismatic leader. Affiliated to Pokhara University, Apex College offers MBA and MBA evening program. The course aims to provide necessary knowledge and skills to empower the students for making a difference.

MBA degree is a 2-year course, and it consists of 66 credit hours. You have to complete a total of 6 trimesters to complete the course. Apex College realizes that there are many professionals who want an MBA degree as well. To fulfill the demand, Apex College offers an MBA evening program. It is 32 month long course, and it consists of 8 trimesters and 66 credit hours. The class starts at 17:55 pm and ends at 20:30 pm with 15 minutes break in between.


Admission process in MBA at Apex College

Getting admission in Apex College for MBA degree is not an easy task. First of all, you must be eligible to apply for an MBA course. You need to have a CGPA of 2.0 or second division in the bachelor degree to be eligible to apply for the course. As Apex College is one of the top colleges providing an MBA course, you need to compete with many students who are trying to get an admission into Apex College. There is a process for getting admission in the college, and here is the process.

  • Apply for the course: The first task is to check out for the date when the college opens the admission for new students. The college opens the admission for MBA 2 times in a year.
  • Written entrance exam: After applying for the course, you will be asked to give a written entrance exam. It is necessary to prepare for a written exam because the verbal, quantitative, and logical reasoning capacity will be tested. It is based on GMAT format. If you fail to clear this exam, you won’t be considered for the next process.
  • Intense interview: If you manage to clear the written exam, you will be interviewed by a few faculty members of the college. They will ask you several questions to test your attitude, skills, and knowledge. After clearing this phase, you are eligible to get an admission.

Note that Apex College has a quota of the total of 60 students, 30 in the morning shift and 30 in the evening shift. You will be chosen from the pool of candidates.

If you are interested to join MBA at Apex College, Please visit the college to know more about the details. Apex College is located in Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu. Public vehicles are easily accessible from the area.

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