Aspire Inter College Event 2020

Aspire 2020 is an Inter-college event organised by Islington College that was held from 26th to 28th February. The event is primarily focused on organizing every year. It comprises of a wide range of various business related competition. Aspire aims to provide a platform that will aid all participants to reach their maximum potential. The student’s participation will equip them with time-management skills. At the same time, a specific budget is allocated to students so that they can acquire greater negotiating qualities. The participants will get an exposure to teamwork during the event. In addition, it also aims for each participant to discover new aspects of their professional capabilities to face real life scenarios. All the participants are provided with a platform to work outside their comfort zone and adapt them to work in context of corporate world.

There are 6 different events that will test the student’s ability to apply their skills to real life scenarios under constricted time. The 6 events are Start-up Icon, Money Master, The Last Market Call, Corporate Elites, Global Hero and CEO of the Year. For the closing ceremony, a funfest called “A Day in Britain” was held on 28th February which comprises of various stalls and activities that will exhibit traditional British culture which was successfully held in Islington College premises located at Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu from 11 am onwards. The winner of the “Aspire” 2020 was entitled to the British College.