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Ban on the sale of tobacco and liquors around school premises

District Administration Office is all set to implement the ban on the sale of tobacco and drugs around school premises in a strict manner. According to the head of District Administration Office Himnath Dawadi, "a number of shops are selling tobacco and alcoholic beverages targeting the students, creating an adverse effect on the school environment, thus effective steps will be taken to discourage such activities". As vendors are selling such products blatantly around schools, the danger of students heading towards the wrong paths is increasing.

"Selling tobacco and alcoholic beverages openly in cities like, Blakhu, Nakshal, Kuleshwor, Tukucha, Bhimsen Isthan, Purano Baneshwor and Nakshal has affected students psychologically", according to SP Pradhum Karki. He continued, "his department destroyed twenty-five thousand liters of liquors which was being sold near school without permission".

Although the government has banned selling of tobacco and alcoholic beverages within 500 meters of school premises, it has been barely implemented. In addition to this, the government has imposed a fine system to discourage smoking in the public places. However, due to lack of public awareness and weak execution, it has not been fruitful. Moreover, it is degrading the schools environment as well.

DSP Nawaraj Shrestha shared, "to upgrade the environment of schools in Kalimati, they have already started a discussion with principals. Both parents and schools should be responsible towards their children's health and education environment. Most of the vendors see teenage students from class 8 to 12 as the potential costumers, thus plan accordingly". He continued, "teacher should educate students about the discipline and ethic along with the regular curriculum. Parents, police and school management committee should work hand on hand to diminish this problem. Moreover, cops are running awareness program themselves and educate students about the cons of using tobacco, alcohols and drugs".