CTEVT Programs CTEVT Affiliated Colleges

The Center for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), established in 1989 AD, is an autonomous authority for Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Nepal. Its main objective is to produce efficient manpower in the TEVT sector. CTEVT is responsible for policy formulation, maintaining quality standards, developing competitive curriculum, setting skills standards, conducting skills testing, research work, and assessing training needs.

CTEVT operates under the Ministry of Education and is headed by a governing board of nine members, with the Minister of Education serving as the Chairperson. The institution has a vision to skill Nepal for people's affluence and a mission to develop competent manpower aligned with global needs within the TEVT framework.

The goals of CTEVT include expanding access to TEVT programs, ensuring a qualitative and competent TEVT system, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of CTEVT management, developing the National Vocational Qualifications Framework (NVQF), establishing the TEVT fund, fostering coordination with stakeholders, and enhancing the quality of school education.

CTEVT offers various programs through its constituent and affiliated technical schools, colleges, and training centers. These programs include vocational training, technical education, and certificate/diploma-level courses. The vocational training programs range from 39 to 1500 hours and provide professional and vocational skills to individuals. The technical education programs include diploma-level courses in engineering, agriculture, and health/medical sciences. The certificate/diploma-level programs offer three-year courses in agriculture, engineering, and health/medical sciences.

CTEVT also offers Technical School Leaving Certificate (TSLC) programs with specializations in agriculture, engineering (sub-overseer), and health. These programs have different entry requirements and durations.

CTEVT has a wide network of affiliated colleges, annex schools, and constituent schools that provide TEVT education across Nepal. The institution has partnerships and receives support from national and international organizations such as the Asian Development Bank, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, United Nations Development Programme, and others.

The divisions within CTEVT include research and information, policy and planning, technical, examination, administration, National Skill Testing Board (NSTB), accreditation, training, polytechnics, TECS (Technical Education Cell Service), and curriculum. Each division carries out specific functions to facilitate the work of CTEVT.

For detailed information about CTEVT programs, affiliated institutions, and divisions, interested individuals can visit the official website of CTEVT at www.ctevt.org.np.