Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Course in Nepal


Cyber Security and Digital Forensics is a program that is given academic approval after the attacks and threats of criminal in the security of Companies and organizations for hacking their personal information system, ATM and bank account hacks, and frauds of signature or spread of viruses or malware software to steal personal data and also unauthorized login and frauds of duplicity.

To prevent such kinds of cybercrimes and breaches of security it was imperative to have an academic program that covers widely what and why such things take and how to scrutinize and protect the networks and information systems to prevent cyber and digital crimes and create a forensic search to collect evidences which can be used to make a legal standpoint against malware and attackers. The professionals who have studied and practiced in this field can make their jobs and confidential matters safe against breaches of malware and hackers.

Not only abroad but some reported cases have shown that in Nepal too, there is evidence of cybercrimes where bank’s ATMs have been hacked, personal information of clients and their bank details have been leaked to unknown people,  mobile apps' secret PIN codes have been fraudulently tracked and simultaneously hacked by the unknown hackers. The study of this subject through a formal academic program is not only an awareness but also a great realization to prepare and protect against digital crime and create evidence against attackers by bringing them to justice law.

Career in this field:

With the studies of cyber security and digital forensics, students can make a rewarding career in professional fields like:

  • Software Companies
  • Banking and Financial Companies
  • E-commerce sites
  • Android and digital Companies
  • Security Companies
  • Information technology
  • Teaching

Various job titles are in this field such as:

  • Digital Forensics Analyst
  • Digital Security Threat Analyst
  • Security Engineer
  • Professor
  • Incident responser
  • Computer forensics technician
  • Security Consultant
  • Ethical hacker

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Course Offering Colleges in Nepal:

In Nepal, this program is mostly offered by foreign Universities at some Colleges that have international affiliation namely;

The British College recently launched the Bachelors program called BSc. (Hons) Cyber security and digital forensics to produce graduates to work and solve professional problems against hackers and cyber threats. This program provides an academic degree with knowledge of law enforcement against cybercrimes and frauds from criminals by keeping evidence against their malware and hacks. It is a three-year program with a foundation program grouped into two semesters each by the University of West England accredited by bodies of the English Council and British Computer Society.

Islington College offers three years program by the name of BSc. (Hons) Computer Networking and IT security. This program provides overall knowledge to tackle professional issues, ethics, and cyber law and detect threats of frauds and hacks through breaches of cyber security, personal information, financial accounts, and digital frauds and enables safe networking by access to passwords, codes, locks and scans for enterprise networking security and automation.

Softwarica College runs BSc. (Hons) Ethical hacking and cyber security of Coventry University. It is a three-year program that provides opportunities for learning and analyzing threats to modern information structure and advise companies on how to set up secure systems to prevent breach of digital security.

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