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Divya Gyan College

Contact Information

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Divya Gyan College is a renowned, innovation-oriented, and successful name at the academic level. The college was established by a designated team of energetic and creative professionals and reputed academicians. It was initiated with the motto “Education for Enlightenment." It is located in the heart of the Kathmandu valley at Putalisadak, the educational hub of Nepal. After the success stories from IT Training Nepal, Eprabidhi, a dedicated team of software developers, has been utilizing all their success keys to provide quality education with more innovative and practical knowledge that meets the international level of education.

It provides BBS program affiliation at Tribhuvan University (TU). It aims to provide students with a proper understanding of management as well as the capability to cope with the emerging IT growth in the market. Graduated students will be able to grab the opportunity to compete in this technology-based society.

Why Divya Gyan College ?

Many colleges offer BBS courses every year, but why choose BBS at Divya Gyan College? The college's main focus is to provide a complete commitment to business-related studies while also integrating information technology. IT has become an essential requirement for organizations worldwide. It is widely embraced in various sectors, such as hospitals where technology is needed for equipment, the academic sector, the industrial sector, and business markets. However, solely obtaining a BBS degree will not adequately prepare students for the business field and may make it challenging to compete in the IT-based world. Therefore, the objective of this college is to develop students who can compete effectively and build self-confidence in both management and IT knowledge.


This college also provides all facilities that is vital for students and also create friendly studying environment for students. Load shedding is not even an issue for our college since we provide 24 hours electricity by means of generator, solar batteries as well as inverters for smooth studies.

Additional Information

Integration of IT with BBS

A comprehensive IT integration strategy in business studies will allocate management and IT functions to articulate the same language and help to work toward common goals. It has become very vital for any student to learn IT tools that are used in various marketing affairs.

E-commerce has taken the market globally for marketing use. It has been necessary for students to have a basic understanding of online marketing. Computerized accounting in Tally software has become a must for any organization. Statistical analysis of every aspect has become vital for any business company. The popular software that is used for statistical analysis in every sector is SPSS.

The BBS program will focus on business-related studies as well as providing all the above-mentioned IT-related software and tools that are used by various entities. Our dedicated team is committed to IT integration in the BBS program.

The learning outcome from Divya Gyan College will be

  • Students will be able to demonstrate general management skills.
  • Students will be able to solve practical market situations.
  • Students will reveal skills in interdisciplinary analysis, representation of different practical sources, critical perspectives, and sub-disciplines within management studies.
  • Students will be able to build skills in time management and scheduling work assignments.

In addition to BBS studies, students will be expected to

  • Use SPSS software for statistical analysis of finance and other related analyses.
  • Display online marketing skills.
  • Demonstrate computerized accounting using Tally software.
  • Search for information using different media, including the internet, databases, and libraries.
  • Use various IT tools and software related to business ventures.

The various programs at Divya Gyan College are as follows:

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Divya Gyan College is running BCA program, a four years degree in affiliation with TU faculty of Humanities and Social Science. BCA is a very popular IT degree where students can get a strong foundation on various courses related to computer like programming, database, network, security, system architecture and so on. Divya Gyan College provides a unique teaching methodology where students are engaged in professional courses. Each student will get an internship opportunity with industry exposure.

Bachelor of Business Studies

Do you have a keen interest in various scopes of business and aim to leave a strong mark in the corporate world? Then, study the versatile and all-rounder course i.e Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) at Divya Gyan College and lay the bricks of foundation to build a successful career as you desire. For the latest information on this course, please visit the given link.